Research Excellence Awards Celebrate Three OVC Early Career Researchers


August 25, 2022

Three researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College have been recognized with 2022 University of Guelph Research Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to Drs. Sonja Fonfara, Department of Clinical Studies, Heather Murphy, Department of Pathobiology, and Melissa Perreault, Department of Biomedical Sciences

These awards highlight the achievements of recently tenured faculty members and help to raise their profile among external funding agencies. The $5,000 awards are sponsored by the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost.

Dr. Sonja Fonfara
OVC Department of Clinical Studies

Dr. Fonfara studies cardiac remodeling. She aims to characterize the factors involved in heart changes that occur with cardiac disease as well as the potential influences of sex and age on this process. While her work aims to improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of cats with cardiac disease, her findings might also help improve human health.



Dr. Heather Murphy
OVC Department of Pathobiology  

Using a One Health approach, Dr. Murphy maps the transmission of waterborne pathogens through the environment in developed and developing countries. Her research aims to identify and evaluate interventions, including water and sanitation control measures, to reduce disease.



Dr. Melissa Perreault
OVC Department of Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Perreault studies sexual dimorphisms — traits that differ consistently between males and females — in the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety. She has linked sex-specific brain wave patterns to stress susceptibility and resilience. Her research will contribute to new diagnostic approaches and treatment options.



The OVC faculty are among eight U of G researchers receiving the 2022 U of G Research Excellence Awards

Read the news release on the University of Guelph website

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