$11-Million Gift to Shape Future of Veterinary Care

November 4, 2019

Photo of a kittenImproving the lives of animals through more accessible health care is the goal of a new $11-million donation to the University of Guelph, the largest single gift received by the University’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC).

Through this transformational gift, OVC will revolutionize animal health care and education to shape the future of veterinary care, said U of G president Franco Vaccarino.

Working with community partners, OVC will...

OVC researcher studying cannabis as treatment for cancer in canines

October 31, 2019

Dog lying on floor (IStock_Credit_HRAUN)An Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) researcher is heading up one of the first studies of the potential use of cannabis for treating animal cancer.

Prof. Sam Hocker, in OVC’s Department of Clinical Studies at the University of Guelph, is undertaking a three-year study exploring the efficacy of cannabis for treating bladder cancer in...

Education, research and outreach top of mind with backyard chickens

October 25, 2019

SPhoto of a person standing among backyard chickens (Photo credit: Istock.com:TommL)mall poultry flocks are gaining big interest, particularly among some urban dwellers.

The move highlights the importance of educating small flock owners and non-poultry veterinarians around care for these birds. There is also a need for surveillance and...

Dog owners often inaccurate on measuring kibble, study finds

October 10, 2019

Photo of dog eating kibble (IStock credit:Chalabala)A cup might seem like the most obvious way to measure out dry dog food, but new University of Guelph research finds that when it comes to getting portions right, dog owners often get it wrong.

The study, designed to test dog owners’ measuring skills, found owners were often inaccurate, ranging from a 48 percent underestimation to a 152 percent overestimation, depending on...

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