Reducing avian influenza’s opportunity to take hold

January 22, 2020

Photo of chickens (iStock credit wikoski)An outbreak of avian influenza could cause untold numbers of poultry to be culled across Canada. To prevent that, researchers at the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) aim to learn more about the role of gut microbes and the potential of probiotics to enhance this prevention.
A recent PhD graduate of OVC's Department of Pathobiology, Dr. Alexander Bekele-Yitbarek has discovered that there is an important link between gut microbes and avian influenza virus infection in chickens...

OVC professor receives Research Excellence Award

January 15, 2020

Ontario Veterinary College professor Amy GreerOntario Veterinary College (OVC) professor Amy Greer is one of five University of Guelph researchers who recently received 2019 Research Excellence Awards from the university.

Greer, a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair and professor in OVC’s Department of Population Medicine, explores the introduction, spread, dynamics and control of infectious diseases in humans and animals. Her research aims to examine the effectiveness...

BPA Replacement Hinders Heart Function, U of G Study Finds

January 9, 2020

BPerson opening a can of food (Istock credit: Mario)PA’s counterpart replacement BPS can hinder heart function within minutes of a single exposure, a new University of Guelph study has found.

The study is the first to show the instant effects bisphenol S (BPS) can have on the heart.

“We expected to find similar effects from...

OVC alumnus named Member of Order of Canada

January 6, 2020

Dr. Duncan Sinclair, OVC DVM 1958, professor emeritus Queen's UniversityUniversity of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) alumnus, Dr. Duncan G. Sinclair, OVC DVM 1958, has been named a Member of the Order of Canada. 

Sinclair, professor emeritus at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, is being recognized “for his contributions to the Canadian health care system as a teacher, university administrator and adviser, and for his leadership in health care reform in Ontario.”

An internationally recognized leader in...

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