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Well-Being During COVID-19

U of G infectious disease expert named Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellow

October 22, 2020

Prof. Scott Weese, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph An expert in infectious disease at the University of Guelph is being recognized for his expertise in the Canadian health sciences community.

Prof. Scott Weese, Director of the Centre for Public Health and Zoonosis at the U of G and a veterinary internal medicine specialist in the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Pathobiology, has been inducted as a Fellow with the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences...

OVC One Health researchers believe much to learn from Canada Geese

October 14, 2020

Canada Geese flying over trees (IStock Credit_RCKeller)Canadians know autumn is on its way when the famous V formations fill our skies with the familiar honk of the Canada Goose. But not everyone loves the iconic Canada Goose. As their numbers increase in parks and on beaches around the country, they are sometimes tapped as nuisance birds.
Through recent research, scientists at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College learned more...

Training our immune systems: Why we should insist on a high-quality COVID-19 vaccine

October 9, 2020

Photo of vaccine (IStock Credit_FilippoBacci)Athletes understand that there are two very different approaches that can be taken when training their bodies. For example, lifting heavy weights is a great way to achieve maximum strength. In contrast, low-load high-repetition training is ideal for developing the stamina required for endurance sports.

Remarkably, our immune system can be trained in a somewhat similar fashion. It must choose between two different responses to dangerous pathogens, both of which lead to white blood cells called T cells and antibodies targeting the infecting...

New co-directors set next steps for U of G’s Comparative Cancer Centre

October 8, 2020

Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph An integrated approach to cancer studies has defined the Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation (ICCI) at the University of Guelph since its inception in 2007.
Combining the expertise of researchers in basic cancer biology and clinicians in veterinary medicine, ICCI’s approach has captured the U of G and Ontario Veterinary College’s (OVC) unique strengths to broaden the scope of research and deepen understanding of cancer in pets and...

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