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Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Family Day



1. Welcome to our Visitors

  • Dr Robert Cruz will be working in Radiology on February 22, 2017.
  • Dr Sheila Etue will be working in Radiology on February 23, 2017.
  • Dr Nora Matthews will be returning to assist in Anesthesia the weeks of February 27–March 3, 2017 and March 20–24, 2017.
  • Dr Diego Gomez-Nieto will be working in Large Animal Medicine the week of February 27-March 3, 2017.




  1. Dr Nathalie Cote is now located in Rm 2530, Stewart Bldg, 2nd Floor. She can be reached at x52566.
  2. Dr Nicola Cribb has moved to Rm 2150, ANCC Bldg 49, 2nd Floor. Her phone extension remains the same.
  3. Dr Judith Koenig is moving to Rm 2154 ANCC Bldg 49, 2nd Floor. Her phone extension remains the same.
  4. Dr Andrea Sanchez is now located in Rm 2124, ANCC Bldg 49, 2nd Floor. She can be reached at x54448.



3. As discussed in the recent department meeting, we are forming a committee to review and revitalize Grand Rounds in hopes to better define expectations and improve attendance. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please email Michelle Oblak ( to be notified of the upcoming meeting.



4. The next Departmental Faculty Meeting will be held Friday, March 10, 2017 starting at 8:30 am in Room 2106 ANCC Bldg 49, CS Lounge. Calendar invitations will be sent.




  • Medical Oncology Assistant Professor
    1. Candidate Dr Steven Patten – Thank you for participating in the interview on February 15, 2017. Please submit your evaluation forms by February 28, 2017.
    2. Candidate Dr Sam Hocker interview will be held on March 9-10, 2017.
  • Ophthalmology Assistant/Associate Professor – posted
  • Radiation Oncology Assistant Professor - posted
  • Small Animal Surgery 3 yr CL Assistant Professor – posted
  • Small Animal Medicine 2 yr CL Assistant Professor – Search Committee formed
  • Diagnostic Imaging Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Faculty – Search Committee formed
  • Diagnostic Imaging Locum – posted





  1. Grand Rounds will be held each Wednesday from 8:00 – 9:00 am in Rm 1438 JASC (until February 22, 2017 in this location).  Grand Rounds for Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

Rames Salcedo

‘Dynamic obstructions of the upper respiratory tract in horses’

 Program advisor: Judith Koenig

Case Advisor: Don Trout



 Michelle Caissie

‘Ovarian Remnant Syndrome in a Bitch’

 Program advisor: Dr. Tracey Chenier

Case advisor: Dr. Cathy Gartley



b. Match Results for Fall 2017

We are excited to announce that all of the department's positions were successfully filled in the 2017 Match. We are looking forward to welcoming the new recruits in July.

ANES– Tisotti Tainor

RAD – Alexandra Beaulieu

LAS – Massimo Delli-Rocili

ONCO – Sarah Bernard

SAIM – Melanie Dickinson & Jenny Stiller

SAS – Shannon Wainberg




  • Possible Labour Disruption – Negotiations with Bargaining Unit CUPE 3913 are ongoing. Purchasing Instructions are available through the link.



8. LEARNING ENHANCEMENT FUND: The Call for Proposals for this year is in the link below, noting the deadline for applications is March 17, 2017.



9. CTRMN Conference A group of 18 faculty members across campus have come together to form an across disciplinary research network within the area of regenerative medicine; the Comparative and Translational Regenerative Medicine Network (CTRMN). Drs. Tom Gibson, Judith Koenig and Mark Hurtig from Clinical Studies are involved. 

One goal of the CTRMN is to further the development of novel therapeutics for conditions that presently lack sufficient treatment options in humans and companion animals. This will facilitate knowledge transfer to future regenerative medicine researchers, industry stakeholders and clinical stakeholders.

 An additional goal of the CTRMN is to improve graduate student training environments, such as the creation of novel graduate programs and courses. CTRMN faculty members have collectively published 290 peer-reviewed publications, obtained over $10.4 million in funding and trained over 320 students from 2012-2016.

We plan to officially launch the Network on April 6th, 2017, through the hosting of a Research Day. We intend to have 3 external invited speakers and graduate student poster sessions showcasing work from the participating faculty member’s labs. We hope this will serve as a platform for cross-pollination of ideas and students between labs and entice new students to conduct research in this field.  This year, Chappel Memorial Lecture will be part of this research day.




11. The 9th Annual Guelph Inside Ride in support of the Coast to Coast Against Cancer organization had 15 teams and raised over $12,500 on Sunday February 12, 2017, bringing the 9 year total in excess of $228,000 for this event. Sending a huge thank you to the following participants for helping make this year a success: Chantale Pinard, Ameet Singh, Tom Gibson and Dean Jeff Wichtel, Susan Shearing (from ophthalmology) and grad students Katie Hoddinott, Shari Raheb, Tanya Wright, Monica Jensen, Tiffany Jagodich, Chris Hagen, Kim Hooi, Amanda Santarossa and Alex Rankovic.!



Donations are still being accepted. Every penny donated goes to kids and their families living with and beyond cancer. Contact Tom Gibson at for details.





12. Animal Behaviour and Welfare Seminar is being presented on February 23, 2017,

12:30 – 1:30 pm, Room 1800, Pathobiology, AHL details



13. Cardiovascular Scientist SeminarFebruary 27, 2017, PAHL 1800, 1:00 – 2:00 pm details



14. The 2016 annual report from the Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses is now available online! Printed copies will be available in a few weeks. Thank you to all CPHAZ members who contributed. Every year we emphasize one research area on certain pages, this year the focus was One Health, please have a look at what One Health related research is happening at the University of Guelph. This report is absolutely full, but there is so much more being done by our members and we hope to share it with you throughout 2017 in the newsletters and the revamped CPHAZ website coming soon.  

HOLD the DATE as the CPHAZ Symposium will be held in Rozanski Hall at the University of Guelph on May 23, 2017!! Abstract submission and registration will be opening very soon on our website. Everyone is welcome to register (free).  

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email

Sincerely, Ashley




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