Stem Cell Cartilage Regeneration Could Offer Hope for Damaged Joints

February 27, 2017

With their ability to morph into almost any type of cell in the body, stem cells have the potential to improve quality of life for people with various types of injuries and diseases. Researchers in the University of Guelph’s Department of Biomedical Sciences in the Ontario Veterinary College are studying the use of stem cells to treat damaged cartilage in horses. The treatment could one day be used to help people with...

Epilepsy Gene Mutation Discovered in Dogs May Help Treat People: U of G Study

February 21, 2017

A new gene mutation discovered in dogs by an international research team including a University of Guelph professor may help better diagnose and treat one of the most common kinds of epilepsy in people.

Screening for similar gene changes in human patients may give clinicians a new tool for treatment, including...

Veterinarians are trusted advisers for farm and industry

February 16, 2017

When Dr. Kelly Barratt graduated from the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) she didn’t anticipate her passion for food animal medicine would eventually include a role in industry-led initiatives.

As a veterinarian and co-owner with Heartland Veterinary Services, a mixed animal practice in southwestern Ontario, Barratt focuses on large animals – including...

Poultry vet passionate about welfare

February 15, 2017

Animal welfare captured Mike Petrik’s interest when he was student veterinarian at the Ontario Veterinary College, and received a small scholarship in fourth year to do an animal welfare project. After earning his DVM in 1998, Petrik completed his M.Sc in animal welfare at the UofG in 2013, through the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, giving him the credentials...

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