Learn how to protect yourself and your pets from ticks

May 18, 2018

Photo of a man with a dog sitting by a lakeAfter an unsettled spring, warmer temperatures are finally arriving across Canada. Warmer temps not only bring people and pets outdoors, they increase tick activity.

In many parts of Canada, particular concerns turn to the blacklegged tick known to transmit Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes...

World Veterinary Day: Veterinarians Play Important Role in Sustainable Development

April 27, 2018

THerd of African cattle grazing on Masai Mara plains_Kenya_Africa_iStock_Marion_Smithhe theme of this year’s World Veterinary Day on April 28 is the role of the veterinary profession in sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety.

For many rural people, animals provide a main source of income and the best means to preserve necessary resources to weather agricultural crises, exit poverty, fertilize soil and provide...

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