OVC Prof Part of National Genetics Project to Benefit Pork Industry, Consumers

August 25, 2015

A University of Guelph professor will play a key role in a new $9.8-million national research project to enhance Canada’s pork industry.

Bonnie Mallard, a pathobiology professor in the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is part of a team that will develop genomics tools for selecting pigs able to resist multiple …

Iron supplements for newborn piglets may not meet needs

August 17, 2015

Iron supplementation is essential to newborn piglets to decrease the chance of anemia and boost their resistance to disease. Recent research suggests standard supplement protocols may not meet the needs of rapidly growing piglets. 

Piglets are born with limited iron stores and need iron supplementation within the first week of …

Researcher searches for clues to antibacterial resistance

August 10, 2015

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives by killing the bacteria that make people sick. But the bacteria are now fighting back, as more of them become resistant to those important medications.

Molecular epidemiologist Prof. Patrick Boerlin is working with researchers in the United States and Alberta on several projects, studying antibiotic resistance in bacteria from beef cattle. Earlier this year he received a five-year grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to further study this issue...

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