OVC launches Healthy Futures five-year strategic plan

November 16, 2017

A new strategic plan from the Ontario Veterinary College will guide the College’s direction for the next five years. “I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved here,” said OVC Dean Jeff Wichtel at the plan’s launch this week. “This plan gives us our true north for the next five years. It allows us to focus on several key areas that we think are going to be important for the future of OVC, the university and our world.” The plan is guided by the strategic renewal themes of the University of Guelph, and particularly by the University’s tagline: Improve Life...

OVC brings expertise to One Health challenge

November 13, 2017

Image illustrating antimicrobial surveillance, stewardship and innovationSurveillance, stewardship, innovation –these are the essence of a growing global approach to antimicrobial resistance and usage. It’s an approach that also reflects the expertise Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) researchers and veterinarians bring to this One Health challenge.

The college is a leader in research into resistant bacteria and genes, thanks to scientists working at the forefront of surveillance and stewardship...

Researchers working to unmask parasitic disease in raccoons

November 3, 2017

Photo of raccoon in treeRaccoons have been the focus of a lot of attention of late, between their starring role in Planet Earth 2 and Toronto’s constant battle to keep them out of the garbage. Unfortunately, they are also in the news for less amusing reasons.

That’s because raccoons can spread diseases, such as rabies, to other animals and even to humans. Although the risk of rabies is well known, raccoons can be the source of other lesser known zoonoses (diseases spread from animals to humans) including a parasitic roundworm...

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