Canada Research Chair renewed for OVC pathobiologist

October 17, 2014

A Canada Research Chair in Zoonotic Diseases has been renewed for an OVC pathobiologist.

The University of Guelph will receive $1 million over the next five years from Industry Canada through renewal of two prestigious Canada Research Chairs (CRC), with $500,000 going to …

Ebola virus and dogs - OVC scientist outlines key points to understand

October 15, 2014

Pathobiology professor Dr. Scott Weese addresses concerns surrounding the Ebola virus and dogs in a recent article in Clinician’s Brief.

“The recent euthanasia of a dog owned by a Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola virus has raised much concern about the canine role in Ebola virus transmission and the …

OVC welcomes Class of 2018

September 29, 2014

Hundreds of member of OVC’s extended family were on hand to celebrate Saturday as the Class of 2018 was officially welcomed to the veterinary profession.

The annual Professional Welcome Ceremony is one of the major highlights of the year at OVC and marks an important milestone in journey of the …

Heart genes regulated by day-night cycle

September 24, 2014

Moment to moment, your ticker keeps its lub-dub, lub-dub rhythm. But like other organs in your body, your heart also obeys a day-night cycle.

By hunting down heart genes controlled by circadian rhythms, or 24-hour cycles, biomedical sciences professor Tami Martino and her PhD student Peter Podobed hope to learn …

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