OVC Professor Honoured for Leadership in the Field of Animal Welfare


June 06, 2022

Dr. Patricia Turner Receives the 2022 Harry C. Rowsell Award for Outstanding Service to the Canadian Council on Animal Care


Dr. Patricia Turner

University of Guelph professor emerita Dr. Patricia Turner has been honoured by the Canadian Council for Animal Care (CCAC) for a lifetime of work advocating for and improving research related to animal welfare. As the 2022 winner of the Harry C. Rowsell Award, Dr. Turner is recognized for a lifetime of work advocating for the ethical treatment of animals and improving research animal welfare. 

Dr. Turner worked for many years as a faculty member in the Ontario Veterinary College’s (OVC) Department of Pathobiology, and is currently a leading member of the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW). In her years with the University of Guelph, she conducted important research on pain and its relief in animals and trained approximately half of all the university vets in Canada. She also served on several influential CCAC committees to improve the care and welfare of animals across the country.

The CCAC regulates all animal research in Canada, and oversees the care of approximately five million animals used in Canadian research each year. The organization was founded by Harry Rowsell in the 1960s. Rowsell was a former OVC professor and one of the co-founders of CCSAW.

“Dr. Turner’s work has been incredibly impactful for laboratory animals locally, nationally and globally. She has generated new insights into animal welfare issues and their solutions through research and been a tireless and highly effective teacher, trainer and communicator on laboratory animal welfare issues,” says Dr. Georgia Mason, CCSAW director and professor in the College of Biological Science’s Department of Integrative Biology. “Selfless and driven, Dr. Turner is both passionate about, and effective in, advancing laboratory animal welfare.”

To read more about this award, visit the CCAC’s announcement. Dr. Turner will be presented with the Harry C. Rowsell award during the CCAC National Workshop on Tuesday, June 7th at 12 .p.m. EDT. 

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