OVC alumni recognized for their contributions to the veterinary profession


November 17, 2021

Every year, the Ontario Veterinary College Alumni Association (OVCAA) celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of OVC alumni who have made significant contributions to the veterinary profession. This year, the OVCAA recognizes Dr. Katie Clow (OVC DVM 2011) and Dr. Karyn Jones (OVC DVM 2001) for their extraordinary work in veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Katie Clow 

2020-21 OVC Alumni Association Young Alumni Award 

Dr. Katie Clow graduated with a DVM degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011, returning to complete her PhD in Pathobiology in 2017. Her research focuses on the ecology and epidemiology of vectors and vector-borne zoonoses, with a specific emphasis on the blacklegged tick and Lyme disease. She also conducts research more broadly on One Health, including pedagogy and community-level applications.  

Dr. Clow has worked in private small animal practice as well as at the national and international level in One Health through internships at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Department of Food Safety, Zoonoses and Foodborne Disease at the World Health Organization, and the Global Disease Detection Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2019, Dr. Clow joined the OVC faculty as an Assistant Professor in One Health in the Department of Population Medicine. 

Katie’s expertise in tickborne diseases and her outreach activities directed at veterinarians and the public has led to her quickly becoming a leader in the field of ticks and tickborne diseases in Canada, as well as an important resource for the veterinary community. She is a member of the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network, and regularly collaborates with public health professionals and veterinarians in private practice and industry. Katie has contributed to multiple online resources for veterinarians, pet owners, and the general public focused on education about ticks and Lyme disease, and also shares her expertise through media interviews and community talks.  

Dr. Clow has also been actively involved in program development at the University of Guelph. She played an integral role in developing the new Collaborative Specialization in One Health, was an active participant on the development committee for the proposed undergraduate program in One Health, and co-chairs the graduate curriculum committee for One Health. In addition, she is co-leading efforts to develop core One Health competencies for education programs across Canada. Recently, Dr. Clow has also co-developed and will participate in the Remote Northern Indigenous Outreach Rotation, a 4th year DVM elective rotation in which students will travel to a remote Ontario Indigenous partner community to offer veterinary care. 

In addition to research and teaching, Katie sits on a number of boards and committees, both at OVC and beyond. She has served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Veterinarians without Borders. She is currently the co-chair of the Training Advisory Committee of the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network. Katie also serves on the Committee for Health Professionals Education on Zoonoses and Climate Change for the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Dr. Karyn Jones 

2020-21 OVC Alumni Association Volunteer Award 

Dr. Karyn Jones graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2001 after completing her Honours degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Guelph in 1994. In 2010, Dr. Jones became the owner of Ajax Animal Hospital in her hometown, where she has been practicing companion animal medicine since graduation. In 2017, Karyn completed her training at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute with an internship at Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. She then expanded the services offered by her practice to include Rehabilitation Therapy and Sport Dog Fitness Evaluation. 

Throughout her career, Karyn’s volunteer efforts have focused on supporting alumni and colleagues, as well as advocating for current and high-level patient care. She has served as the President of the OVCAA, a Practice Advisory Board member for the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, a Toronto Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital Advisory Board member and was a founding member of the Durham Region DVM - Spay Neuter Assistance Program. Karyn is also the permanent Vice-President of the Class of OVC 2001. 

Karyn brings her experience and insight as a practicing veterinarian and small business owner to her roles on the Hill’s Primary Healthcare Centre Advisory Board and the OVC Pet Trust Advisory Board, supporting the education of student veterinarians and the critical work of companion animal researchers at the college.  

In sharing what inspires her to volunteer, Karyn stated, “I am very proud of this profession, of veterinary medicine, and of the people who are so dedicated to helping pets and their people.” The OVC Alumni Association celebrates the many ways in which Karyn has selflessly given her time and expertise to support OVC and the veterinary profession. 

About the OVC Alumni Association Awards 

The OVC Alumni Association Awards were established to recognize OVC graduates who have made a significant contribution to the veterinary profession, and who have brought honour to their alma mater and fellow alumni in the areas of alumni affairs, education, community, profession, country, and science. 

If you know an OVC graduate who deserves to be recognized for their accomplishments, please consider nominating them for an OVC Alumni Association Award. Nominations for the 2021-22 OVCAA Awards close on March 1, 2022. 

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