Dr. Kate Wycherley Joins OVC’s Department of Clinical Studies

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March 11, 2024

Dr. Kate Wycherley has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Small Animal Primary Health Care and Experiential Learning in the Department of Clinical Studies at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). In this role, Dr. Wycherley will advance clinical training and experiential learning in day-one competencies, companion animal dental care, and research in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program.

Wycherley, pictured with her beloved cat (also named Kate), earned a BSc in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph before graduating from OVC’s DVM program in 2019. She spent the first five years of her career as a general practitioner at a busy mixed-animal practice in Caledon. Her professional interests include feline medicine and surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry and teaching.

Growing up in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Wycherley notes that she had two dream jobs as a child – veterinarian and teacher. She adds, “I am excited to have the opportunity to realize both in this position.”

“My goal is to provide students with the practical skills that they need to be excellent clinicians. I’ve seen and experienced the decision paralysis that comes with being a newly minted veterinarian. I really want students to disavow themselves of the idea that being a good veterinarian is about being perfect.”

Reflecting on personal experiences in early practice, she credits her veterinary peers for helping her navigate challenging duties, like performing dental procedures.

“My colleagues helped to turn dentals from a feared, four-hour ordeal into a highlight of my week,” she says. “I hope to similarly demystify the art of practical dentistry for my students.”

As Assistant Professor in Small Animal Primary Health Care and Experiential Learning, Wycherley will practice part-time in the OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital, working with final-year DVM students and teaching entry-level skills with clinical cases on primary healthcare rotations. She will also teach day-one competencies in small animal medicine and surgery to junior DVM students through laboratory sessions with OVC’s Clinical Skills team, and she will assist students in coordinating experiential learning rotations outside of OVC.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Wycherley to our team, and I’m impressed by her relatability with students” says Dr. Chris Riley, Chair of OVC’s Department of Clinical Studies.

“Not only will she be teaching and mentoring future generations of veterinarians and conducting important research in the field of teaching, but she will also lead advancement of experiential learning in our DVM program. As the veterinary industry continues to evolve, we must also evolve our curriculum and teaching approaches to ensure that student veterinarians are equipped with the skills, experience and confidence to thrive in practice upon graduation. Dr. Wycherley will play an important role in setting veterinary students up for success.”

Wycherley began her new position on March 11, 2024.

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