OVC Welcomes New Cohort of DVM and Graduate Students

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September 06, 2022

Orientation for first-year students rolled out across the University of Guelph campus the week of September 4.  

The Ontario Veterinary College is welcoming the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Class of 2026, along with students in various graduate programs across the college’s four departments.  

For first year DVM students, orientation got underway September 6 with a slate of activities drawing on the attributes students will employ throughout their studies and their careers in veterinary medicine – team building, collaboration, active listening, creative problem solving, and building resilience. 

“As in previous years for the DVM program, the focus will be on themes of collaboration, teamwork, and self-awareness; themes that will be front and centre not only during students’ orientation, but also referenced regularly throughout their four years in the DVM program at OVC, and heavily valued beyond” says Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton, Professor and Director of Well-Being Programming at OVC. 

Along with icebreakers and introductions, during orientation students will participate in sessions focused on well-being, embracing diversity, managing conflict, and exploring their strengths. 

Team building activities will also provide an opportunity for students to bond with their practice groups and as a class.  

Along with the DVM students beginning studies at OVC this fall, more than 100 graduate students are joining OVC in Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Studies, Pathobiology and Population Medicine, including the Masters of Public Health program. 

In addition to the Graduate Student Orientation with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, OVC will also be hosting a virtual college-wide welcome session, and each of the OVC departments will host their own department orientation. Graduate students will find information and links (if applicable) for all the sessions on the OVC Intranet.  

These sessions provide an opportunity for graduate students to connect with staff, graduate program coordinators and department chairs. The college-wide welcome session will go over general graduate program administrative information, and the department sessions will go over program-specific information. There will also be an opportunity for graduate students to ask questions at the end of each session.  

The OVC community welcomes all our students, new and returning, and wishes you every success! 

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