Masters of Science (MSc)

About the Program

The Department of Clinical Studies offers two Masters of Science (MSc) programs: MSc by Thesis and by coursework.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must have either an honours baccalaureate degree or a DVM degree; licensure to practice veterinary medicine in Ontario is not required. Candidates are accepted based on adequate background preparation and availability of an advisor in the area of interest. Prospective students are encouraged to contact faculty working in fields of interest to ask if they are willing to take them on as a graduate student. Acceptance into the MSc thesis program will be dependent on stipend funding opportunities that may be available through faculty advisors, scholarships or sponsorship. The is usually no stipend support for MSc course work students.


The MSc program provides focused research training in areas related to veterinary medicine. Research projects may examine aspects of clinical practice or concepts but are not considered discipline or specialty training. 

The thesis option requires a minimum of 6 semesters (2 years) of full time study. The program involves a minimum of three 0.50 credit graduate level courses. Candidates are required to carry out an independent research study and produce a thesis.  The course selection will be made by the student in consultation with the advisory committee and tailored to the student’s particular research interest, and will be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies and Research Committee.

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