OVC's Healthy Futures Strategic Plan

The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), with its rich history of excellence in innovation, education and service, is continually pushing the boundaries of veterinary medicine, including One Health. Our success has been made possible because of the foundation of discovery and excellence built by those who have come before us. This success continues today through the passion and skill of our exceptional students, staff and faculty. None of this would be possible without the humbling commitment of our many stakeholders and supporters. For those of us who are members of the OVC community today, it is our job to celebrate our past and build the OVC of the future.

We are guided by the strategic renewal themes of the University of Guelph, and particularly by the University’s tagline: Improve Life. If there was ever a statement that encompassed what we do here at OVC, it is to improve life by creating healthier futures for animals, people and the environment.

Over the past year, we have brought together staff, faculty, students and external stakeholders to identify emerging needs in our local and global community and seek the most significant ways that OVC can make a difference.

We’ve established five strategic areas that will focus our energy and resources for the next five years. While we are still working hard on all of the other important things we do, we are targeting some areas for particular growth, both internal and external.

1. Learning Pathways: Enhancing the Student Experience   

2. Innovation and Discovery: One Health Research Leadership

3. Vet Med Ed 2.0: A New World of Instructional Technology

4. Our Impact: Influencing Societal Change

5. The Power of People: Enhancing Workplace Culture and Recruiting the Very Best

We’re pleased to share our vision for OVC’s future and invite you to be a part of that future. When we work together, we can all Improve Life.


Jeff Wichtel

Dean, Ontario Veterinary College