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Derek Haley

Chair, Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare - Steering Committee   |   Associate Professor   |   MSc (Guelph), PhD (Saskatchewan)


Dr. Haley leads a research program in applied ethology (animal behaviour) and animal welfare science, and he teaches graduate, undergraduate, and veterinary students about these subjects. The goals of his work are to advance our knowledge and understanding of the behavioural biology of farm animals (especially beef and dairy cattle), and to help us improve the ways we handle, manage, and care for them. This in turn will allow us to improve animal health, well-being, and productivity, and enhance our ability to use animal behaviour to answer questions about what animals experience.

Research Interests

  • The behaviour of beef cattle and dairy cattle
  • Animal welfare
  • Weaning stress
  • Maternal and neonatal behaviour
  • Social bonds / attachments between animals
  • Livestock transporation


  • VETM*3430 Clinical Medicine I
  • VETM*3400 Health Management I
  • VETM*3410 Health Management II (Coordinator, with L. Niel, Pop Med)
  • VETM*3220 Art of Veterinary Medicine II
  • DVM Phase IV Dairy Cattle Welfare rotation (Coordinator, with T. Duffield, Pop Med)
  • ANSC*4010 Animal Welfare Judging & Evaluation (Coordinator, with T. Widowski, Anim Biosci)

Professional Experience & Honours


Selected Publications

  • Villettaz Robichaud, M, Pearl, D, Godden, S, LeBlanc, S, Haley, D. (2017) Systematic Early Obstetrical Assistance at Calving: I) Effects on Dairy Calves’ Stillbirth, Vigor, and Passive Immunity Transfer, Journal of Dairy Science, 100:691-702.

  • Villettaz Robichaud, M, Pearl, D, Godden, S, Rushen, J, LeBlanc, S, Haley, D. (2017) Systematic Early Obstetrical Assistance at Calving: II) Effects on Dairy Heifer Calves' Growth, Health, and survival to Weaning, Journal of Dairy Science, 100:703-712.
  • Winder, C, LeBlanc, S, Haley, D, Lissemore, K, Godkin, A, Duffield, T (2016) Practices for the disbudding and dehorning of dairy calves by veterinarians and dairy producers in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Dairy Science, 99:10161-10173.
  • Merkies, K, DuBois, C, Marshall, K, Parois, S, Graham, L, Haley, D (2016) A two-stage method to approach weaning stress in horses using a physical barrier to prevent nursing, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 183:68-76.

  • Nash, C, Kelton, D, DeVries, T, Vasseur, E, Coe, J, Zaffino Heyerhoff, J, Bouffard, V, Pellerin, D, Rushen, J, de Passillé, AM, Haley, D (2016) Prevalence of and risk factors for hock and knee injuries on dairy cows in tiestall housing in Canada, Journal of Dairy Science, 99:6494-6506.

  • Ross, M, Widowski, T, Haley, D (2016) The effects of feeding space on the behavioural responses of cattle during rest periods offered as part of long-distance transportation, Animal Welfare, 25:217-225.
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  • Charlton G, Bouffard V, Gibbons J, Vasseur, E, Haley, D, Pellerin, D, Rushen, J, de Passillé AM (2016) Can automated measures of lying time help assess lameness and leg lesions on tie-stall dairy farms? Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 175:14-22.
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  • Villettaz Robichaud, M, Godden, S, Haines, D, Haley, D, Pearl, D (2014). Addition of gut active carbohydrates to colostrum replacer does not improve passive 10 Transfer of Immunoglobulin G in Holstein dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science, 97:5700-5708.
  • Murray, C., Windeyer, C, Duffield, T, Haley, D, Pearl, D, Waalderbos, K, Leslie, K (2014). Associations of serum haptoglobin in newborn dairy calves with health, growth, and mortality up to 4 months of age. Journal of Dairy Science, 97:7844-7855.
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  • Dawson, L, Buob, M, Haley, D, Miller, S, Stryker, J, Quinton, M, Mason, G (2013). Providing elevated 'getaway bunks' to nursing mink dams improves their health and welfare. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 147:224-234.
  • Buob, M, Meagher, R, Dawson, L, Palme, R, Haley, D, Mason, G (2013). Providing 'get-away bunks' and other enrichments to primiparous adult female mink improves their reproductive productivity. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 147:94-104.
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