A dog with it's tongue out, and text saying "Animals are so much more than pets - They're Family"

A Gift in Your Will

Can you imagine a future where the illnesses that shorten our pets’ lives are treated quickly – even prevented? A future where veterinarians can use new technology to give our animals the very best? A future where no animal suffers?

That’s the future we strive for every day at Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). If you share that vision, then leaving a gift in your will to the OVC may be right for you.   

After all, your animals are so much more than pets – they’re family.

They are the warmest welcome at the end of a long day. They stand by your side through thick and thin. They provide comfort, companionship, and most importantly, love.

We care deeply about animals, and we know you do too. Leaving a gift in your will to the OVC is an incredible way to honour the animals, big or small, who have touched your life.

By leaving a bequest to the Ontario Veterinary College, you’ll be making a powerful investment in the future of veterinary medicine. You’ll be fuelling important discoveries in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment – providing a future of advanced care for all animals.

Best of all, you’ll be leaving a legacy of love for generations of animals to come.

We hope that the following information about leaving a gift in your will to the OVC demonstrates the incredible difference a transformative gift like this can make – for the animals, and the professionals who expertly and lovingly care for them.