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The Department of Pathobiology is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in veterinary and comparative pathology, veterinary infectious diseases and immunology. Our faculty members’ research ranges from the basic understanding of the mechanisms of disease caused by a wide range of agents (including emerging and zoonotic pathogens) to the different protective and pathological responses o host organisms. We offer advanced training in diagnostic anatomic and clinical pathology, as well as research training in our areas of expertise.


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Nov 11

Dr. John Barta, Pathobiology
TOPIC: “Apicomplexan (mitochondrial DNA) barcoding  (research and techniques).”
Host: B. Bridle

Nov 18  

Maureen Jarau, Pathobiology
TOPIC: “Things my mothur never told me.”
Host: J. Lumsden

Nov 25

Dr. Khalil Karimi, Pathobiology
TOPIC: “Micro-Environmental Cues Modulate Innate Lymphoid Cell Functions: What welearned from cancer, pregnancy, infection, and inflammation.”
Host: B. Bridle

Dec 2

Donna Kangas and Elizabeth Lowenger
OVC Awards info session for students
NOTE: Rm 1812 Host: J. MacInnes

Dec 9

Dr. Jondavid de Jong, Pathobiology
TOPIC: “Development of baculovirus CRISPR vectors for gene and cell therapy.”
Host: S. Wootton