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Biomedical Sciences


Biomedical Sciences News/Briefs - September 2015
- Biomedical Sciences Telephone Directory, September 2015
- SAS Contact Directory, 2015

Graduate Student Seminar Series ** - Fridays @ 12:30p in Room 1642
Maryse Darch (Supervisor: Dr. G. Kirby) - The role of CYP2A5 in bilirubin clearance.  Friday, 2nd October

Exciting News!!!! the department now has a full-time shredder!
no need to collect your shredding .. drop it off in the 'Shred It' bin, room 2634

** Proximity Access **
OVC is become 'proximity card accessible'.
In order to have access to OVC outside of business hours, your ID card must be equipped with iClass technology.
Your ID card must be applied for in person at the ID Card Centre, Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, UC Level 3.
 ID Authorization form

** Timesheet Submission **
Once you have completed the time sheet, you are responsible for obtaining your supervisor’s approval and emailing it to or dropping it off to the Financial Clerks’ workspace.
Important: If you email the timesheet please ensure that you reference your home department’s name in the subject line.For a copy of the time sheet, more detailed information about these changes, or who to contact if you have additional questions, please go to

** Links of Interest **
- Shared Administrative Services website
- WHMIS 2015 - WHMIS is changing!

- OVC Research QuickNotes
- Next of Kin fillable pdf - please complete if you haven't already and return to Kim
- OR5 submission instructions
- CCS Test Scoring Site:
- Tutorial: how to reserve Biomed equipment via Gryph Mail:
- Environmental Health & Safety Policies
- Incident or Injury Incident Report


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