Theresa Bernardo

Theresa Bernardo


DVM, MSc | IDEXX Chair in Emerging Technologies and Preventive Healthcare


Dr. Bernardo is a globally connected innovator in addressing complex health problems through technology with more than a decade of experience in the United Nations and Inter-American systems in health informatics (humans/food/animals/plants), and another decade in academia.

In her role as IDEXX Chair in Emerging Technologies and Preventive Healthcare at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), Bernardo focuses on the intersection of health and information technology, more broadly referred to as health informatics.  She and her research team tackle challenges related to access and integration of veterinary health data from various sources, demonstrating practical use of data for patient health monitoring and preparing veterinarians for success in a tech-enabled world.

As a co-lead of the Informatics theme of The Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) with Dr. Deborah Stacey from the School of Computer Science, she will help build a global information system to evaluate the burden of livestock disease and health issues around the world  This self-sustaining “knowledge engine” will facilitate access to and analysis of data to inform critical decisions in animal health, as well as larger One Health decisions that affect human and environmental health.

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Current Graduate Students

  • Adam Campigotto - PhD
  • Barr Hadar - PhD
  • Jie Jenny Yu - PhD