Matthew Little

Matthew Little

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Little's research examines the social and ecological determinants of health among marginalized and Indigenous populations in Canada and globally. In particular, he is interested in the nutritional and health implications of poverty, community food security, migration, and climate change. He work closely with collaborators to conduct community engaged mixed methods research research emphasizing co-production of knowledge for evidence-based decision making.

Dr. Little completed his PhD in Population Medicine and International Development at the University of Guelph and completed a CIHR post-doctoral fellowship with the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine at the Laval University. He has worked or currently works in India, Uganda, Peru, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Nunavik (northern Quebec, Canada).

Current Graduate Students

  • Meghan Brockington - PhD


POPM*6950-02 Global Health
POPM*6950 Qualitative Methods


Personal website:

Selected Publications

  • Little, M., Achouba, A., Dumas, P., Ouellet, N., Ayotte, P., Lemire, M. (2018). Determinants of selenoneine concentration in red blood cells of Inuit from Nunavik (Northern Qu├ębec, Canada). Environment International. Manuscript under review.
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Dewey, C, Zivot, C. (2018). Burden and determinants of anemia in a rural population in south India: A cross-sectional study. Anemia.
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Dodd, W., Dewey, C. (2017). Individual-level double burden of malnutrition in a rural community of southern India. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Dewey, C. (2017). An analysis of the food environment in rural Tamil Nadu. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Dodd, W., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Majowicz, S., Little, M., Dewey, C. (2017). Determinants of internal migrant health and the healthy migrant effect in South India: A mixed methods study. BMC International Health and Human Rights, 17(23).
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Dodd, W., Dewey, C. (2016). Factors associated with glucose tolerance, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes in a rural community of south India: A cross-sectional study. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, 8(21).
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Dewey, C. (2016). Factors associated with BMI, underweight, overweight, and obesity among adults in a population of rural south India: A cross-sectional study. BMC Obesity, 3(21).
  • Little, M., Humphries, S., Patel, K., Dewey, C. (2016).  Decoding the type 2 diabetes epidemic in rural India. Medical Anthropology, 36(2): 96-110.
  • Dodd, W., King, N., Humphries, S., Little, M., Dewey, C. (2016). Self-reported morbidity and health service utilization in rural Tamil Nadu, India. Social Science & Medicine, 161:118-125.
  • Dodd, W., Humphries, S., Little, M., Dewey, C. (2016). The determinants of internal migrant health in southern India: A mixed methods study. BMC International Health and Human Rights.
  • Little, M. (2012). Type 2 diabetes in Guatemala: disease perceptions, service provision difficulties, and management techniques. Undercurrent Journal, 9(1):24-35.