Deep Khosa

Deep Khosa

Academic Co-ordinator, Hill's Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre | Associate Professor

 BSc, BVMS, MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine), PhD
 519-824-4120 Ext. 54470


After graduating as a veterinarian from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, I spent a total of 17 years in companion animal primary care practice and clinical teaching. In that time, I successfully completed Membership qualification (by examination in small animal medicine) and am a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Later in my career, I completed my PhD studies and shifted focus from clinical practice to academia. My passion for primary care practice, teaching and research continues through my role in years 1-4 of the DVM program here at the OVC.   

My research interests and direction are driven by my experiences of clinical practice, involving areas of focus that are relevant and applicable in day-to-day interactions with pet owners, companion animals, colleagues and students. My clinical teaching experience has also fueled my desire to research and investigate the best ways of learning for veterinary students. Understanding how students learn and make sense of complex, intertwined medical knowledge opens up areas of investigating new and exciting ways to learn and teach, one of the many things that keeps my job engaging and evolving. 

Research Interests

Research topics investigated to date:

1. Perceptions, motivations and decisions for treat feeding in cats and dogs.

2. Pet health information on the Internet: investigating behaviours, perceptions and attitudes of veterinary students, practicing veterinarians and pet owners.

3. Investigating the management of companion animal euthanasia and client grief in primary care practice.

4. Investigating perceptions and attitudes of student veterinarians to companion animal nutrition.

5. Content analyses of online pet health information related to companion animal obesity.

6. Veterinary students' perceptions of their own and their pets' nutrition.

7. Evaluating the effectiveness and sustainability of implementing a case based e-learning tool.

Prospective graduate students: please contact me to discuss how your research interests may align with mine. A description of the research you wish to conduct, your CV, unofficial transcripts and whether you have stipend funding in place, are all helpful pieces of information to include in your email.

Graduate Students

As primary advisor:

Shelby Nielson (PhD)

Nanette Lai (PhD)

Kirsten Crandall (MSc)

As advisory committee member:

Dr Sarah Gower (MSc Population Medicine)

Erin Rodenburg (PhD Population Medicine)

Debbie Sigesmund (MSc Population Medicine)

Dr Sarah Dodd (PhD Clinical Studies/Population Medicine)


Former Graduate Students

As primary advisor:

Dr May Kamleh (PhD - successful completion 2019)

Dr Alisha Matte (PhD - successful completion 2019)

Shelby Nielson (MSc - successful completion 2019)

Tom Chen (MSc - successful completion 2019)

Michael Sawras (MSc - successful completion 2019)

Daniella Barron (MSc - successful completion 2015)

As advisory committee member:

Jocelyn Wichtel (MSc Clinical Studies - successful completion 2020)

Dr Jessica Kilkenny (MSc Clinical Studies - successful completion 2016)

Claudia Smith (MSc Clinical Studies - successful completion 2017)

Monika Goetz (MSc Population Medicine - successful completion 2017)

Dr Stephanie Croyle (PhD Population Medicine - successful completion 2019)

Tavleen Dhinsa (MSc Population Medicine - successful completion 2019)

Dr Jennifer Perret (PhD Population Medicine - successful completion 2020)


VETM 3430 - Clinical Medicine I (primary care components)

VETM 3440 - Clinical Medicine II (primary care componenets)

VETM 4870 - Clinical Medicine III (primary care components)

VETM 4925 - Phase 4 Small Animal Primary Care Rotation

Professional Experience & Honours

Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (small animal medicine)

Selected Publications

‚ÄčA sample of publications resulting from research projects:

1. Wichtel, J., zur Linden, A., Khosa, D., Singh, A., Sears, W., Phillips, J. 2021. Validation of a novel ultrasound simulation model for teaching foundation-level ultrasound skills to veterinary students. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, doi: 10.3138/jvme-2020-0123.

2. Rodenburg, E, Decorso, A, Khosa, D, Taylor, A, McWhirter, J, Papadopoulos, A. 2021. Soicial inclusion in group homes: determining facilitators and barriers ti inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 10 (1).

3. Dodd, SA, Dewey, C, Khosa, D, Verbrugghe, A. 2021. A cross-sectional study of owner-reported health in Canadian and American cats fed meat- and plant-based diets. BMC Veterinary Research, 17 (53).

4. Nielson, SA, Kamleh, MK, Conlon, PD, McWhirter, JE, Stone, EA, Khosa, DK. 2021. Understanding incoming Canadian and US veterinary studnets' attitudes and perceptions of thier dietary habits and levels of physical activity. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, doi: 10.3138/jvme-2020-0065.

5. Lai, N, Khosa, DK, Jones-Bitton, A, Dewey, CE. 2021. Pet owners' online information searches and the perceived effects on interactions and relationships with their veterinarians. Veterinary Evidence,  6 (1): 1-15.

6. Kamleh, M, Khosa, DK, Verbrugghe, A, Dewey, CE, Stone, E. 2020. A cross-sectional study of pet pwners' attitudes and intentions towards nutritional guidance received from veterinarians. Veterinary Record, doi: 10.1136/vr: 105604

7. Matte, AR, Khosa, DK, Coe, JB, Meehan, MP 2019. Impacts of the process and decision-making around companion animal euthanasia on veterinary wellbeing. Veterinary Record, doi:10.1136/vetrec-2019-105540

8. Matte, AR, Khosa DK, Meehan, MP, Coe, JB, Niel, L. 2019. An exploratory study of veterinary professionals' self- reported support of bereaved clients before, during and after companion animal euthanasia in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Journal of Death and Dying, doi: 10.1177/0030222819853924

9. Matte, AR, Khosa, DK, Coe, JB, Meehan, M, Niel L. 2020. Exploring pet owners' experiences and self-reported satisfaction and grief following companion animal euthanasia, Veterinary Record, doi:10.1136/vr.105734

10. Matte, AR, Khosa, DK, Coe, JB, Meehan, M, Niel L. 2020. Exploring veterinarians' use of practices aimed at understanding and providing emotional support to clients during companion animal euthanasia in Ontario, Canada. Veterinary Record, doi: 10.1136/vr.1056595

11. Kamleh, MK, Khosa, DK, Dewey, CE, Verbrugghe, A, Stone, EA. 2019. Ontario Veterinary College first year veterinary students' perceptions of companion animal nutrition and their own nutrition: implications for a veterinary nutrition curriculum. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, doi: 10.3138/jvme.0918-113r1

12. Kamleh, MK, Khosa, DK, Dewey, CE, Verbrugghe, A, Stone, EA. 2020. The perceived importance, emphasis, and confidence in veterinary nutrition education of first year Canadian and US veterinary students. Medical Science Educator, 30:323-330.

13. Chen, TT, Khosa, DK, McEwen, SA, Abood, SK, McWhirter. 2020. Readability and content of online pet obesity information. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, 257 (11):1171-1180.

14. Lai, N, Khosa, D, Jones-Bitton, A, Dewey, C. 2019. Students' experiences of seeking web-based animal health information at the Ontario Veterinary College: exploratory qualitative study. JMIR Medical Education 5(2): e13795.

15. Sawras, M, Khosa, D, Lissemore, K, Duffield, T, Defarges, A. 2020. Case-based e-learning experiences of second year veterinary students in a clinical medicine course at the Ontario Veterinary College. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 47(6):678-694.

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