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Andrew Papadopoulos

Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program   |   Professor   |   BASc, MBA, PhD, CIPHI(C)


I have experience as a public health professional within a local public health agency, as an executive director with a public health association, and as an educator and administrator with two public health education programs. My research interests centre on population health interventions by exploring and guiding public health policy development, program implementation, practice, and outcome evaluation, all with the purpose of creating a more effective, proactive public health system. I am the current Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, University of Guelph, as well as the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, and the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. I am the immediate past chair of the Natural, Physical, and Engineering Science Research Ethics Board, University of Guelph, and the Canadian Network of Schools and Programs of Population and Public Health. I sit on numerous other public health-related committees and boards (see Service to Society for details).

Research Interests

I have a specific interest in the area of environmental public health issues, and public health policy and administration. Further, I have an interest in public health education both within a university and workplace setting, and university student wellness. However, my research interests span across all of public health. Please refer to the Selected Publications section to browse some of my recent research activities. My main research interests include:

  • Developing a better understanding of university and youth student wellness with the aim of developing more effective proactive programs
  • ​Exploring post-secondary public health teaching and education to create an innovative learning experience
  • Assessing and advising on amending environmental public health practice in Canada
  • Researching how public health policy is developed and analyzing the process to advise on improvements
  • Applying proven administration processes and techniques to improve public health program development
  • Working with priority communities to build an infrastructure to maximize their community health

Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students should contact me as early as possible to discuss their research and these should align with my research interests noted above. If you would like to work with me, please send an email introducing yourself, your background, and your area(s) of research interest. As well, please attach a copy of your unofficial transcript. Please visit the Department of Population Medicine for further information on applying. The University of Guelph encourages students to find their own funding. I generally supervise students that align with my research focus only.

Prospective Undergraduate Students can contact me at any time via email regarding independent study courses or undergraduate thesis. Ensure that your interest aligns with my research topics. I will continue to supervise undergraduate students completing either a literature review or a full study.

*denotes Advisor

PhD in Population Medicine (Public Health)
Caroline Bravo - Health communication and the HPV DNA test for cervical cancer
Max Carynnyk - Using school-based approaches to reduce UV-related cancer
Brendan Dougherty* - Antimicrobial Stewardship in Canada
Josephine Gaupholm* - (co-advisor with Dr. Matthew Little)
Amber Gillespie* - Health system improvement
Sydney Gosselin - Indoor tanning risk communication and policy
Mercerina Lychek* - Improving equity in healthcare
Melissa MacKay* - Effective use of social media for risk and crisis communication
Zoë Martos* - Knowledge translation and climate change in northern Indigenous populations
Matthew Pike - Relationship between natural resource development and community well-being in Nunatsiavut
Aarabhi Rajendiran* - Developmental evaluation with a coalition of community agencies
Jocelyn Rivers* - Understanding network integration for better health outcomes
Erin Rodenburg* - Social inclusion of adults with developmental disabilities

PhD in Population Medicine (Epidemiology)
Abhinand Thaivalappil* - Health behaviour and decision-making in public health

MSc in Population Medicine (Public Health) by Thesis
Caitlin Ford* - Health communication
David Obande* - Children's food safety

MSc in Population Medicine (Epidemiology) by Thesis
Lulu Gao* - Environmental factors influencing maternal health

MSc in Population Medicine (Public Health) by Course Work
Laurel Jarvis* - Student mental health
Leanne Li - UV and skin cancer information on Facebook
Alexandria Oswell - Food safety policy
Zoha Zahoor - Pharmacists and the impact of COVID

MSc in Population Medicine (Epidemiology) by Course Work
None at this time

All MPH students
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MSc in Food Science (Food Safety and Quality Assurance)
None at this time

Former Graduate Students

*denotes Advisor

PhD in Population Medicine (Public Health)

PhD in Population Medicine (Epidemiology)

MSc in Population Medicine (Public Health)

MSc in Population Medicine (Epidemiology)

CWMSc in Population Medicine (Epidemiology)

MSc in Food Science (Food Safety and Quality Assurance)



I currently teach the following courses. Public Health Policy and Systems, Public Health Administration, Public Health Practicum, and Public Health Capstone are required courses within the Master of Public Health program. Applied Public Health Research and Public Health Practicum II are elective courses within the Master of Public Health program:

Professional Experience & Honours

  • Former Director, School of Occupational and Public Health, Ryerson University
  • ​Former Executive Director, Association of Local Public Health Agencies (Ontario)
  • Certified Public Health Inspector

Service to Society

At the University of Guelph

  • Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses Steering Committee member
  • Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program
  • Department of Population Medicine Graduate Committee member
  • University of Guelph Senate member

Outside of the University of Guelph

Selected Publications

Selected Recent Publications

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