Patricia V. Turner

Patricia V. Turner


BSc McMaster; MSc Dalhousie; DVM, DVSc Guelph; Diplomate ACLAM, Diplomate ABT, Diplomate ECAWBM (AWEL)

Research Interests

Diseases of laboratory animals; Toxicologic pathology, Laboratory animal anesthesia, analgesia, euthanasia, Animal welfare.



ANSC 4080 – Environmental Management
*TOX 4100 – Toxicologic Pathology
VETM3400 – Health Management I
*VETM3430 – Clinical Medicine I: Small Mammals
VETM3210 – Art of Veterinary Medicine I
*VETM3450 – PODVM: Toxicology
*VETM 4530 – Health Management III: Laboratory Animals
VETM4850 - Phase 4 Anatomic Pathology Rotation
*VETM4850- Phase 4 Laboratory Animal Medicine Elective


PABI 6104 – Mechanisms of Disease
*PABI 6222 – Comparative Veterinary Pathology II
*PABI 6700 – Laboratory Animal Science
PABI 6080 – Diagnostic Pathology I
*PABI 6710 – Applied Laboratory Animal Science I
*PABI 6720 – Applied Laboratory Animal Science II
*PABI 6730 – Applied Laboratory Animal Science III


*+Distance Education Certificate Program in Laboratory Animal Medicine

* Course/section coordinator
+ Course developer/program leader (Canadian, US, Latin American, and Indian versions)


IMPACT commercial meat rabbit euthanasia training tools

Selected Publications


  • Lord L, Millman S, Carbone L, Cook N, Fisher A, McKeegan D, Morton D, Pajor E, Peralta JM, Robertson SA, Siegford J, Egrie PG, Mashima TY, Turner PV, Golab GC, Patterson-Kane E. 2017. A model curriculum for the study of animal welfare in colleges and schools of veterinary medicine. JAVMA (in press).
  • Penney J, Mendell A, Zeng M, Tran K, Lymer J, Turner PV, Choleris E, MacLusky N, Lu R. 2017. LUMAN/CREB3 is a key regulator of glucocorticoid-mediated stress responses. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 439:95-104.
  • Kylie J, Brash M, Whiteman A, Tapscott B, Salvic D, Weese JS, Turner PV*. 2017. Biosecurity practices and causes of enteritis on Ontario Meat Rabbit Farms. Can Vet J. (in press)
  • Fukuda T, Majumder K, Zhang H, Turner PV, Matsui T, Mine T. 2016. Adenine inhibits TNF-α signaling in intestinal epithelial cells and reduces mucosal inflammation in a dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis mouse model. J Agric Food Chem. 64:4227-4234.
  • Turner PV*. 2016. Care and welfare oversight of agricultural animals used in agricultural research. Int Animal Health J. 3(1):64-67.
  • MAA Mohamed, V Raeesi, PV Turner, A Rebbapragada, K Banks, WCW Chan. 2016. A versatile plasmonic thermogel for disinfection of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. Biomaterials. 97:154-163.
  • Collymore C, Banks K, Turner PV. 2016. Lidocaine Hydrochloride vs MS222 for the Euthanasia of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). JAALAS. 55(6):816-820.
  • Kobayashi Y, Rupa P, Kovacs-Nolan J, Turner PV, Matsui T, Mine Y. Oral
  • administration of hen egg white ovotransferrin attenuates the development of colitis induced by dextran sodium sulfate in mice. 2015. J Agric Food Chem. 63(5):1532-9.
  • Mulder JE, Turner PV, Massey TE. 2015. Effect of 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase Deficiency on Aflatoxin B1 Tumourigenicity in Mice. Mutagenesis. 30(3):401-9.
  • Clipperton-Allen AE, Ingrao JC, Wozniak L, Batista L, Ovari J, Hammermueller J, Armstrong JN, Bienzle D, Choleris E, Turner PV*. 2015. Long term provision of environmental improvements alters behaviour but not physiology or neuroanatomy of male and female BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice. JAALAS. 54(6):718-730.
  • PV Turner*, C Pekow, J MacArthur Clark, P Vergara, K Bayne, WJ White, TM Kurosawa, S-H Seok, P Baneux. 2015. ICLAS and IACLAM: Global Organization and Support of 3Rs Advances in Laboratory Animal Science. JAALAS, 54(2):1-7.


  • PV Turner. International Regulations and Legislation for Captive Primate Care. In: International Encyclopedia of Primatology. A Fuentes (ed). Wiley-Blackwell: Ames, IA. 2017 (in press).
  • PV Turner. Ethical Scenarios. Applied Ethics in Veterinary Medicine: A Guide for Practitioners, Nurses and Students. S Mullan, A Fawcett (Co-Eds). 5M Publishing: Sheffield, UK. 2017 (in press).
  • PV Turner, M Brash, DA Smith. Pathology of Small Mammal Pets. Wiley-Blackwell:Ames, IA. 2017 (in press)

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