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Sarah Wootton

Associate Professor   |   BSc, PhD Guelph

Research Interests

  • Gene therapy
  • Vectored immunoprophylaxis (VIP)
  • Oncolytic virotherapy
  • Viral vectored vaccines
  • Viral pathogenesis

Overview of research projects in Molecular Virology - Wootton Lab (poster)


Honours and Professional Experiences

Curriculum vitae:

B.Sc. Biochemistry      1997      University of Guelph
Ph.D. Virology              2002     Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
Postdoctoral Training     2007     Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle WA

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  • MICR*4430, Medical Virology, Coordinator
  • PABI*6330, Viral Diseases, Coordinator
  • PABI*6960, Special Topics in Virology, Coordinator
  • BIOM*4150/6702, Cancer Biology (Oncogenic Virus unit)
  • PABI*6104, Mechanisms of Disease (Lecture: “Viral Pathogenesis”)

Selected Publications

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