J. Paul Woods

J. Paul Woods head shot


DVM, MS, DACVIM (Internal Medicine Oncology)
 Office: CS 2133
 519-824-4120 Ext. 54092


Research Interests

Oncology and infectious disease

Selected Publications

  • Appel SL, Moens N Abrams-Ogg ACG, Woods JP, Bienzle D, Nykamp S. Multiple Myeloma of the Central Nervous System in a Young Cat.  J Am Vet Assoc  233(5):743-747, 2008.
  • Kim SE, Liptak JM, Gall TT, Montieth GJ, Woods JP. Adjuvant epirubicin in the treatment of splenic hemangiosarcoma in dogs. J Am Vet Assoc 231:1550-1557, 2007.
  • Peregrine AS, Barker IK, Abrams-Ogg ACG, Woods JP.  Screening dogs in Ontario forBorrelia burgdorferi and Ehrlichia canis should be selective rather than routine. Can Vet J48:673, 2007.
  • Woods JP, Bateman KE, Stewart K.  A Retrospective Analysis Of Coarse Fractionation (0-7-21) External Beam Radiation Therapy Of Canine Oral Melanoma (94 Cases). abstracted in Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 4:264-265, 2006.
  • Gyorffy S, Rodriguez-Lecompte JC, Woods JP, Foley R, Kruth S, Liaw PCY, Gauldie J. Bone marrow–derived dendritic cell vaccination of dogs with naturally occurring melanoma by using human gp100 antigen. J Vet Intern Med 19:56–63, 2005.
  • Gauthier MJ, Aubert I, Abrams-Ogg A, Woods JP, Bienzle D. The immunophenotype of peripheral blood lymphocytes in clinically healthy dogs and dogs with lymphoma in remission. J Vet Intern Med 19:193–199, 2005.
  • Woods JP, Mathews KA, Binnington AG. Thalidomide treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma.  Abstracted in Proceedings of 23rd Annual ACVIM Forum, Baltimore, MD, June 2005. J Vet Intern Med 19:3:446, 2005.
  • Gibson D, Aubert I, Woods JP, Abrams-Ogg A, Kruth S, Wood D, Bienzle D, Flow cytometric immunophenotype of canine lymph aspirates. J Vet Intern Med 18:710-717, 2004.
  • Lutzko C, Meertens L, Li L, Abrams-Ogg A, Woods JP, Kruth S, Hough M, Dubé ID, Human hematopoietic progenitors engraft in fetal canine recipients and expand with neo-natal injection of fibroblasts expressing hematopoietic cytokines. Exp Hem 30:801-808, 2002.
  • Prescott JF, McEwen B, Taylor J, Woods JP, Ogg A, Wilcock B. Resurgence of leptospirosis in dogs in Ontario: recent findings. Can Vet J 43:955-61, 2002.
  • Drost WT, Henry GA, Woods JP, Meinkoth JH, Lehenbauer TW.  Quantification of hepatic and renal cortical echogenicity in clinically normal cats. Am J Vet Res 61(9):1016-1020, 2000.
  • Meinkoth J, Kocan AA, Whitworth L, Murphy G, Fox JC, Woods JP.  Cats surviving natural infection with Cytauxzoon felis: 18 cases (1997-1998). J Vet Int Med 14, 521-525, 2000.
  • Bradley KK, Bergman DK, Woods JP, Crutcher JM, Kirchhoff LV. Prevalence of American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease) among dogs in Oklahoma. J Am Vet Med Assoc 217, 1853-1857, 2000.
  • Panciera RJ, Ewing SA, Mathew JS, Lehenbauer TW, Cummings CA, Woods JP. Canine hepatozoonosis: Comparison of lesions and parasites in skeletal muscle of dogs experimentally or naturally infected with Hepatozoon americanumVeterinary Parasitology82:261-272, 1999.
  • Morton RJ, Woods JP, Cowan SN, Lehenbauer TW. ELISA for the detection of antibodies to Francisella tularensis in feline sera. Abstract presented at American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD), Minneapolis, MN, October 1998.
  • Mathew JS, Ewing SA, Panciera RJ, Woods JP. Experimental transmission of Hepatozoon americanum to dogs by the Gulf Coast tick, Amblyomma maculatumVeterinary Parasitology 80:1-14, 1998
  • Woods JP, Morton RJ, Panciera RJ. Tularemia in two cats. J Am Vet Med Assoc212(1):81-84, 1998
  • Abrams-Ogg ACG, Kruth SA, Norris AM, Woods JP, Ottewell G. Half-body radiotherapy versus maintenance chemotherapy for the treatment of dogs with multicentric lymphoma in remission. Update abstracted in Proceedings of ACVIM Forum, Orlando, FL, May 1997
  • Woods JP, Robins HI, Rosenthal RC.  Hematological effects of radiant heat-induced whole body hyperthermia in the dog.  Can J Vet Res 60:75-78, 1996.
  • Woods JP, Robins HI, Rosenthal RC, Schmitt CL.  Canine bone marrow as a potential thermal sanctuary during the plateau phase of whole body hyperthermia.  Int J Hyperthermia 11(1):49-57, 1995.
  • Robins HI, Woods JP, Schmitt CL, Cohen JD.  A new technological approach to radiant heat whole body hyperthermia. Cancer Letters 79:137-145, 1994.
  • Gyorffy S, Rodriguez-Lecompte JC, Woods JP, Foley R, Kruth S, Liaw PCY, Gauldie J. Bone marrow–derived dendritic cell vaccination of dogs with naturally occurring melanoma by using human gp100 antigen. J Vet Intern Med 19:56–63, 2005.

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