Howard Dobson

Howard Dobson head shot

Professor Emeritus/Emerita

BVM&S, DVSc, Diplomate ACVRS, Cert EO


Research Interests

Diagnostic imaging in orthopaedics and neurology.

Current Research

  • Development of a blood test for detection of udder adulteration in dairy cows
  • Development of magnetic resonance sequences to determine tissue oxygenation
  • Application of new magnetic resonance imaging techniques in veterinary medicine
  • Development of an ultrasound based method of delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to tumours
  • Automated measurement of tendon lesions on ultrasound images
  • Influence of hyperoxia, hypocarbia and hypercarbia on spinal and brain magnetic resonance images (MRI) during general anesthesia in dogs and cats.
  • Ongoing studies using magnetic resonance techniques in the study of cognitive function in dogs and cats as a model for cognitive dysfunction in people
  • Production of dog-human chimeras in the investigation of stem cell therapy

Selected Publications

  • J Perry, S Tam, K Zheng, Y Sado, H Dobson, B Jefferson, R Jacobs, P. Thorner Type IV collagen induces podocytic features in bone marrow stromal cells in vitro Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 17(1):66-76 2006
  • SE Mattson, SG Pearce, LP Bouré, H Dobson, MB Hurtig, WD Black. Comparison of intraosseous and intravenous infusion of technetium Tc 99m pertechnate in the distal portion of forelimbs in standing horses by use of scintigraphic imaging. AJVR 66 (7) 1267-1272.
  • SA Graham, JM O’Meara, H Dobson. Detection of silver protein complex in the bovine udder using x-ray fluorescence: A preliminary study. CJVR 69 123-127 2005
  • SG Pearce, LP Boure, A Bolger, JJ Thomason, H Dobson. Effect of heel elevation on forelimb conformation in the horse. Aust Vet JSep;82 (9) 558-62 2004
  • Tano, C., Cockshutt, J., Dobson, H., Miller, C., Holmberg, D., Force plate analysis of dogs with bilateral hip dysplasia treated with unilateral triple pelvic osteotomy: A long term review of cases. V.C.O.T. 11:85-93, 1998
  • Riley, S., Miller, C., Dobson, H., Binnington, A., Surgical procedure simulation via three dimensional computer aided reconstruction of dysplastic canine hips. V.C.O.T. 9:152-157, 1996
  • Holz, P., Barker, I.R., Crawshaw, G.J., Dobson, H., The anatomy and perfusion of the renal portal system in the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans). J. of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 28(4):378-385, 1997
  • Hurtig, M., Stewart, W., Trout, D., Dobson, H., Bahr, R., Magnetic resonance imaging of experimental tendonitis in sheep. V.C.O.T. 8:52-57, 1995


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