Donald Trout

Donald Trout head shot

Associate Professor

BS, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS
 Office: Stewart Bldg. 2521
 519-824-4120 Ext. 54002


Research Interests

Diagnostic/therapeutic local analgesia, radiography and scintigraphy as they relate to equine lameness.

Selected Publications

  • Qiao F, Trout DR, Xiao C, Cant JP. Kinetics of glucose transport and sequestration in lactating bovine mammary glands measured in vivo with a paired indicator/nutrient dilution technique. J Appl Physiol 2005;99(3):799-806.
  • Qiao F, Trout DR, Quinton VM, Cant JP. A compartmental capillary, convolution integration model to investigate nutrient transport and metabolism in vivo from paired indicator/nutrient dillution curves. J Appl Physiol 2005;99(3):788-798.
  • Dearo AC, Coté N, Harris WH, Trout DR. In-vitro effects of porcine motilin, erythromycin and an erythromycin derivative (GM-611) on equine intestinal smooth muscle. Can J Vet Res (submitted Feb 2006).
  • Cant JP, Trout DR, Qiao F, McBride BW. Milk composition responses to unilateral arterial infusion of complete and histidine?lacking amino acid mixtures to the mammary glands of cows. J Dairy Sci 2001;84(5):1192-1200.
  • Boutros CP, Trout DR, Kasra M, Grynpas MD. The effect of repeated freeze-thaw cycles on the biomechanical properties of canine cortical bone. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2000;13(2):59-64.
  • Thomas HL, Trout DR, Dobson H, McFadden RC. Radiation exposure to personnel during examination of limbs of horses with a portable hand-held fluoroscopic unit. J Am Vet Med Assoc 1999;215(3):372-379.
  • Coté N, Trout DR, Hayes MA. Interaction of transforming growth factor-beta-1 with alpha-2-macroglobulin from normal and inflamed equine joints. Can J Vet Res 1998;62(4):279-286.
  • Greenwood JD, Croy BA, Trout DR, Wilcock BP. Xenogeneic (bovine) peripheral blood leukocytes engrafted into severe combined immunodeficient mice retain primary immune function. Vet Immunol Immunopath 1997;59:93-112.
  • Sano H, Mowat DN, Ball RO, Trout DR. Effect of supplemental chromium on whole-body kinetics of glucose, lactate, and propionate in rams fed a high grain diet. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol 1997;118(1):117-121.
  • Coté N, Trout DR, Hayes AM. Evaluation of plasma alpha-2-macroglobulin and interactions with tumour necrosis factor-alpha in horses with endotoxemic signs. Can J Vet Res 1996;60(2):150-157.
  • Maas JA, Trout DR, Cant JP, McBride BW, Poppi DP. Method for close arterial infusion of the lactating mammary gland. Can J Anim Sci 1995;75:345-349.

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