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​​​​​​​Professor Christopher B Riley BSc (Physics). BVSc (Hons), MSc. PhD (Saskatchewan)), Diplomate ACVS, PGCIM, MANZCVS, ARTech I, Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery (ANZ). Immediately prior to joining the team at OVC, Chris was Director of Research Commercialization, Equine Group Leader Academic, and Manager of the Veterinary Emergency Response Team at the School of Veterinary Science, Massey University, NZ. A military (Royal Australian Air Force) and veterinary graduate of the University Melbourne, he completed a large animal surgical residency, MSc and PhD degrees at the University of Saskatchewan. After a contract term as an emergency clinician at Iowa State University, Chris held positions in Large Animal Surgery at the Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI (1999-2010), an Equine Chair and Assoc Head of Student Affairs to establish a new veterinary school at the University of Adelaide, Australia (2010-13), and Equine Chair at Massey University (2013-22). He is a certified animal rescue technician with experience in technical animal rescue and national disaster responses. An academic practicing veterinarian with a smattering of private practice in Australia and Canada, and an international researcher and speaker, he is an author of book chapters (8), and articles on comparative veterinary medicine and surgery, large animal welfare, and aspects of animal rescue and disaster responses.  His record of scholarship includes ~CAD$10M in research and other grants and over 160 published papers and reports, including 120 in peer-reviewed journals. He has ~120 contributed papers in published proceedings. Most recently, he was chief editor and author for 3rd edition of Fraser’s Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, published by CABI. Among his wider roles, he has represented New Zealand on the Commonwealth Veterinary Association, the Veterinary Council of New Zealand on a committee of the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, was an inaugural board member of Animal Emergency Incident Management ANZ, Australia, and Deputy Chair of the National Animal Welfare Emergency Management Subfunction of the New Zealand Government. Chris is a member of three editorial boards and holds adjunct appointments at the Atlantic Veterinary College (PEI), and the veterinary school at the University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka). Time for hobbies and interests? Chris is an avid potter (ceramicist?) with formal training in glaze formulation (the shiny surface coverings), he has shown his work in small exhibitions, taught pottery-making classes and runs outdoor raku firing workshops.  Although “between dogs” he is a keen amateur dog trainer and avid fan of “Shutzhund”, the German dog sport.


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