Nuria Daviu

Nuria Daviu

Assistant Professor

BA, M.Sc, PhD Barcelona
 Office: Biomed 2608
 519-824-4120 Ext. 54239
  Lab: Biomed 2160

Research interests

  • Neurobiology of stress
  • Animal models of trauma and stress-related disorders
  • Investigation of how the brain processes stress and resilience
  • Innate stress coping mechanisms and their impact on mental health

My lab explores natural processes during stress exposure, such as the perception of control, which inherently provides resilience to stress. The research focuses on determining, at circuit, functional and behavioral levels, the therapeutic impact of perceived control during a stressful event. This knowledge will be leveraged to alleviate the negative consequences of trauma.

The methods employed in my lab include behavioral approaches, in vivo calcium recordings in freely moving animals, and optogenetic/chemogenetic manipulations. When combined with computational approaches, these methods contribute to the long-term goal of identifying new behavior-based therapeutic targets for mood and stress-related disorders.