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James John Petrik

Professor   |   M.Sc., Ph.D. Western

Research Interests

Our laboratory is focused on discovering novel therapies for advanced-stage cancers. We have made significant advances in our understanding of tumor vasculature in ovarian cancer and how this may be an important therapeutic target. Tumors must recruit their own blood supply through a process of angiogenesis in order to meet their metabolic needs. However, the angiogenic program initiated by tumors is extremely aggressive and as a result, blood vessels are formed very quickly. Tumor vasculature is characterized by poorly-formed, dysfunctional vessels, with limited tissue perfusion. The result is a tumor with poor blood supply, areas of low oxygen, and high levels of pressure, due to leakage from the tumor vessels. This phenotype dramatically impedes the ability of therapeutic compounds to enter the tumor. Through our extensive collaborations, we have developed a therapeutic approach using the Type I Repeat region (3TSR) of Thrombospondin-1 (TSP-1). We have shown that 3TSR is toxic to tumor cells and specifically targets the dysfunctional, immature tumor vasculature. 3TSR prunes the tumor vessels back to its original, healthy parental vasculature. The result of 3TSR treatment is a smaller tumor with reduced pressure and normalized tissue perfusion. By re-establishing vascular supply to the tumor, we have been able to dramatically increase the uptake and efficacy of a number of therapies including chemotherapy drugs, oncolytic viruses, and immune therapies.

Our laboratory is also interested in identify the impact of the mevalonate pathway on metastatic disease. We have shown that upregulation of the mevalonate pathway is important in facilitating migration and survival of metastatic ovarian cancer cells. Inhibition of this pathway significantly impairs the ability of the metastatic cancer cells migrate within the abdomen and to initiate tumorigenic mechanisms.

Selected Publications

  • Matuszewska K, Santry LA, van Vloten JP, Au Yeung AWK, Major PP, Lawler J, Wootton SK, Bridle BW, Petrik J. Combining vascular normalization with an oncolytic virus enhances immunotherapy in a preclinical model of advanced stage ovarian cancer. Clin Canc Res.  25: 1624-1638; 2019
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  • Stegelmeier AA, Chan L, Mehrani Y, Petrik J, Wootton SK, Bridle B, Karimi K. Characterization of the impact of oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus on the trafficking, phenotype, and antigen presentation potential of neutrophils and their ability to acquire a non-structural viral protein. Int J Mol Sci 21: 2020.
  • Yu DL, Stegelmeier AA, Chow N, Rghei AD, Matuszewska K, Lawler J, Bridle BW, Petrik J, Wootton SK. AAV-mediated expression of 3TSR inhibits tumor and metastatic lesion development and extends survival in a murine model of epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Cancer Gene Ther. 27: 356-367, 2020
  • Pal P, Hales K, Petrik J, Hales DB. Pro-apoptotic and anti-angiogenic actions of 2-methoxyestradiol and dcosahexaenoic acid, the biologically derived active compounds from flaxseed diet, in preventing ovarian cancer. J Ovarian Res. 25: 2019
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