Gabriela Mastromonaco

Gabriela Mastromonaco

Adjunct Faculty

BSc, MSc Toronto, PhD Guelph


Selected Publications

  • Schulte-Hostedde AI and Mastromonaco GF. Integrating evolution in the management of captive zoo populations. Evolutionary Applications (2015) 8:413-422.
  • Mastromonaco GF, Cantarelli VI, Galeano MG, Bourguignon NS, Gilman C and Ponzio M. Non-invasive endocrine monitoring of ovarian and adrenal activity in chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera) females during pregnancy, parturition and early post-partum period. General and Comparative Endocrinology (2015) 213:81-89.
  • Gonzales Grajales LA, Favetta LA, King WA and Mastromonaco GF. Assessment of developmental competence of bison embryos produced by interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer at the 8-16 cell stage. Reproduction, Fertility and Development (2015) doi:10.1071/RD14376.
  • Pimm R, Dutton C, O’Handley S and Mastromonaco GF . Assessment of the reproductive status of female veiled chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus) using hormonal, behavioural and physical traits. Zoo Biology (2015) 34:20-32.
  • Terwissen CV, Mastromonaco GF and Murray DL. Enzyme immunoassays as a method for quantifying hair reproductive hormones in two felid species. Conservation Physiology (2014) 2. doi:10.1093/conphys/cou044.
  • Mastromonaco GF, Gonzalez L, Filice M and Comizzoli P. Somatic cells, stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells: How do they now contribute to conservation? In: Reproductive Sciences in Animal Conservation – Progress and Prospects. Holt WV, Brown JL and Comizzoli P, editors. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (2014) 753:385-427.
  • Toosi BM, Tribulo A, Lessard C, Mastromonaco GF, McCorkell RB and Adams GP. Superovulation and embryo transfer in wood bison (Bison bison athabascae). Theriogenology (2013) 80:542-551.
  • Seaby RP, Alexander B, King WA and Mastromonaco GF.  In vitro development of bison embryos using interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer. Reproduction in Domestic Animals (2013) 48:881-887.
  • Mastromonaco GF, Houck ML and Bergfelt DR. Disorders of sexual development in wild and captive exotic animals. Sexual Development (2012) 6:84-95.
  • Seaby R, Mackie P, King W and Mastromonaco G. Investigation into developmental potential and nuclear/mitochondrial function in early wood and plains bison hybrid embryos. Reproduction in Domestic Animals (2012) 47:644-654.
  • Morden CC, Weladji RB, Ropstad E, Dahl E, Holand O, Mastromonaco G and Nieminen M. Faecal hormones as a non-invasive population monitoring method for reindeer. Journal of Wildlife Management (2011) 75:1426-1435.
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  • Mastromonaco GF and King WA. Cloning in companion animals, non-domestic and endangered species: can the technology become a practical reality? Reproduction Fertility and Development (2007) 19: 748-761.
  • Mastromonaco GF, Favetta LA, Smith LC, Filion F and King WA. The influence of nuclear content on developmental competence of gaur X cattle hybrid in vitro fertilized and somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos. Biology of Reproduction (2007) 76: 514-523.