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Laura Favetta

Assistant Professor   |   BSc, Milan-Italy, PhD Guelph

Research Interests

  • Effect of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs), such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and oxidative stressors on gene expression and molecular mechanisms regulating early embryonic development and cell proliferation/arrest.
  • Effect of Copy Number Variation (CNV) of genes on the Y-chromosome in relation to fertility and diseases
  • Biological markers of aging and how they affect embryonic and cellular arrest in vitro

Selected Publications

  • Rho NY, Ashkar FA, Revay T, Madan P, Rho GJ, King W, Favetta LA. (2107) THR de novo transcription is essential for early bovine embryo development. Reproduction, Fertility and Development {Accepted}
  • Oluwole OA, Mahboubi K, Favetta LA, Revay T, Kroetsch T, King WA. (2107) Highly dynamic temporal changes of TSPY copy number in aging bulls. PLOS ONE {Provisionally Accepted}
  • González-Grajales LA., Favetta LA, King WA, Mastromonaco GF. (2016) Lack of effects of ooplasm transfer on early development of interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer bison embryos. BMC Dev Biol. 2016 Oct 13;16(1):36.
  • Oluwole OA., Revay T., Mahboubi K., Favetta LA, King WA. (2016) Somatic Mosaicism in Bulls Estimated from Genome-Wide CNV Array and TSPY Gene Copy Numbers. Cytogenet Genome Res. 149(3):176-181
  • Stojsin CarterA., MahboubiK., Nogueira da Costa N., Gillis DJ., Carter T., NealMS., Miranda MS., OhashiOM., FavettaLA, King WA. (2016) Anti-Mullerian hormone from both systemic and local reflects differences in reproduction potential of Zebu and European type cattle. Anim Reprod Sci. 2016 Apr;167:51-8. 
  • Ferris JC., Mahboubi K., MacLusky N, King WA., Favetta LA (2016) BPA exposure during in vitro oocyte maturation results in dose-dependent alterations to embryo development rates, apoptosis rate, sex ratio and gene expression. Reprod Toxicol. Jan;59:128-38. 
  • Ferris JC., Favetta LA, King WA. (2015) Bisphenol A exposure during oocyte maturation decreases oocyte quality in Bos Taurus. Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 145(1):50-8.
  • Favetta LA, Villagómez DA., Iannuzzi L., Di Meo G., Webb A., Crain S., King WA. (2012) Disorders of sexual development and abnormal early development in domestic food-producing mammals: the role of chromosome abnormalities, environment and stress factors. Sex Dev. 6(1-3):18-32.
  • Favetta LA, Madan P., Mastromonaco GF., St John EJ., King WA. and Betts DH. (2007) The oxidative stress adaptor p66shc is required for permanent embryo arrest in vitro. BMC Dev Biol. 7:132.
  • Favetta LA, St.John E.J., King WA. and Betts DH. (2007) High levels of p66shc and intracellular ROS in permanently arrested early embryos Free Rad Biol Med 42(8):1201-10.
  • Favetta LA, Robert C., King WA. and Betts DH. (2004) Expression profiles of p53 and p66shc during oxidative stress-induced senescence in fetal bovine fibroblasts. Experimental Cell Research, 299(1): 36-48.
  • Favetta LA, Robert C., St.John E.J., Betts DH. and King WA. (2004) p66shc, but not p53, is involved in early arrest of in vitro produced bovine embryos. Molecular Human Reproduction, 10(6): 383-392.