CPHAZ Research Laboratories

Biosafety level 2 bench space, dedicated PCR rooms and a zoonotic isolate bank!

Dedicated PCR and molecular labs with two LC480 units and other high through put equipment
Long term cryostorage and the zoonotic isolate biobank are available
Lots of bench space for bacteriology as well as a biosafety level 2 environment

The Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses Research Laboratories works towards creating a community of practice, where zoonotic disease researchers with diverse disciplinary backgrounds can work together.

The CPHAZ labs were designed for use by our CPHAZ members and collaborators. The laboratory runs on a cost recovery model, as this is a multi-user facility without departmental support. The fees are minimal and reasonable and take into account supplies, maintenance and long-term equipment replacement. There are additional fees for some of the higher end equipment, for example the sensititre or sequencers. Please see the fee schedule for our full cost breakdown.

New students coming into the lab must complete the lab-specific safety course, as well as certain courses offered through Environmental Health and Safety before beginning their research. Please plan your timeline accordingly. Our facility functions at a biosafety level 2 standard and is always secured. You will need your OVC access pass and to be given approved access before entering.

If you are writing a grant and would like to include the cost of using our laboratory or equipment in your proposal, a formal quote can be prepared by contacting cphaz@uoguelph.ca.Biohazard Permit Applications are required if you plan to work with a pathogen that is not on our approved biosafety list.

For more details see the links above for the fee schedule and information about the equipment and set up in the laboratory. If you have questions or are interested in working in the CPHAZ Research Laboratory, please email cphaz@uoguelph.ca.