Laura Smith-Maxie

Laura Smith-Maxie head shot

Associate Professor

 519-824-4120 Ext. 54061


Research Interests

Neurologic problems in all species but with special interest in equine and ruminant neurology, Equine and canine wobbler syndrome, Cerebrospinal fluid analysis and interpretation in all species.

Selected Publications

  • Hazlett MJ, Smith-Maxie LL, deLahunta A. A degenerative encephalomyelopathy in seven Kuvasz puppies. Can Vet J.2005 May;46(5):429 -432
  • Clooten JK, JP, Smith-Maxie LL. Myasthenia gravis and masticatory muscle myositis in a dog. Can Et J. 2003,44(6):480-3
  • Weese JS, Baird JD, DeLay J, Kenney DG, Staempfli HR, Viel L, Parent J, Smith-Maxie L, Poma R. West Nile Virus encephalomyelitis in horses in Ontario: 28 cases. Can Vet J. 2003, 44(6): 469-73

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