How to Leave a Gift in Your Will


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A gift in your will to OVC is an incredible way to leave a legacy of love for generations of animals to come.

And, there are many ways to remember OVC in your will. Below you’ll find a few ways you can leave a transformative gift.

As always, we recommend you discuss your plans with your financial or legal advisor, as well as your loved ones before making changes to your will.

If a bequest in your will seems right for you, there are three simple ways to leave this type of gift:

  • A residual gift ensures that all other commitments of your estate (including gifts to family and other loved ones) are met first. The remainder is then given to OVC.
  • A percentage of your estate allows you to decide what portion of your estate you’d like to leave to OVC.
  • A fixed amount gift is a good option for those who feel confident in their estate’s ability to meet other priorities.

You can also direct your gift to an area of work that’s most meaningful to you.

By supporting OVC’s area of Greatest Need, you provide the flexibility for your gift to be used to meet urgent and unexpected needs. These may include supplementing critical research, supporting students in times of need, and seizing on opportunities in areas of innovation.

You may also choose to designate your gift to:

  • OVC Pet Trust – Help the pets we love live longer, healthier lives by supporting new discoveries in companion animal disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment.
  • Student Support – Support those who dedicate their careers to animal health and welfare through training opportunities and financial aid.    
  • Research – Help the brightest veterinary minds find new diagnostic and treatment options and explore specialty areas like zoonotic disease, public health and the human-animal bond.
  • Capital Improvements – Maintain the highest standards of our hospital infrastructure through regular upgrades and maintenance to our buildings and specialized equipment.

If you’re considering a gift to OVC in your will, we would be happy to speak with you about your plans to find an area of work that’s most meaningful to you. Please contact Deanna Tigani, Senior Development Manager, Advancement, at, 519-824-4120 x56026.