Passion-Fuelled Giving

“Our pets give us so much and ask for so little in return. The least we can give them is the best life possible, including good health.”

Lindy Barrow has been an animal lover all her life. A retired accountant, she now spends her days breeding West Highland White Terriers – the same breed of dog she had growing up.

But like any breed of dog, Westies have their health problems. And Lindy knows all too well how severe they can be.

Several years ago, Lindy came to OVC with a very ill three-year-old Westie, Party Boy. Party Boy was soon diagnosed with Stevens – Johnson syndrome, a life-threatening skin condition. It took eight long months of treatment, but her beloved companion eventually got better – and even went on to win Best of Breed at Westminster, the most prestigious dog show in the world!

Lindy credits Party Boy’s survival to the exceptional care he received at OVC. “He went through a lot of pain during his recovery, but he kept showing us that he wanted to fight, so we never gave up on him.”

For Lindy, the decision to leave a gift in her will to OVC Pet Trust was an easy one. It was a way to show her gratitude for the world-class, life-saving care her treasured Westie received.

The Ontario Veterinary College shares Lindy’s vision where top specialists, using the best equipment, work in the very best facility in the world. It’s a future you can help make possible with your own legacy gift.