MPH Forum

MPH Forum Day 

The Public Health Forum is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to share their practicum projects using both oral and poster presentations. See a photo of our MPH students from the 2019 Forum Day, below.

Photo of MPH students at 2019 Forum Day.

Here is a sample of student posters presented at the 2015 Forum:

Title: Looking at alcohol warning labels around the world to determine their role in Canada: a scoping review
Author: Aarabhi Rajendiran
Description: The purpose of this poster was to illustrate the findings of a scoping review written by MPH student Aarabhi Rajendiran. The scoping review examined alcohol labelling interventions that have been implemented around the world and how that evidence can be used to inform alcohol labelling interventions and policies in Canada.

Title: Rabies response transition in Ontario: A descriptive analysis of domestic animal rabies exposure investigations
Author: Dr. Angie Bosman
Description: The objective of this study was to produce and report descriptive statistics from data collected during domestic animal rabies exposure investigations in Ontario, from April 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015, the first year following the rabies response transition.

Title: A framework to improve public health service coverage of priority populations
Author: April Smith
Description: Public health programs must target the needs of vulnerable populations (often referred to as priority populations) in order to minimize the health disparities they face.  Priority populations have been identified for the programs in the Infectious Diseases, Dental and Sexual Health Division at Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services; however, the degree to which these populations are actually accessing services remains unknown. This poster presents a framework developed to improve the division’s service coverage of priority populations, and better address health inequities that relate to the division’s services.

Title: The relationship between sociodemographic characteristics and oral health status of Halton Region residents – with focus on income and education
Author: Heather Napier
Description: The purpose of this poster is to investigate the relationship between income and education, and three indicators of oral health, for adults aged 18 and over living in Halton Region in 2014.

Title: A commentary on occupational health for “binning”, informal resource recovery, in British Columbia, Canada
Author: Joanne Lin
Description: The focus of this poster is on the occupational health hazards that informal recyclers, known as binners in British Columbia, face. It presents four groupings of health hazards, as well as the affected proportions of the population, for two areas in BC, Vancouver and Victoria.

Title: Evaluation of public health infographics and other communication tools with community stakeholders
Author: Kathryn Sadowski
Description: The purpose of this research was to evaluate Oxford County Public Health's communication strategy, specifically the health promotion communication tools with community partners.

Title: A community needs assessment for residential hospice palliative care in Wellington County
Author: Mastaneh Shahlaei
Description: The purpose of this study was to assess perceived need for a community residential hospice and respite care services in Wellington County.

Title: Towards a healthier food system: A systems approach to increasing access to whole foods
Author: Meagan Chin-Yee
Description: With globalization and the rising power of transnational food corporations to shape diet trends, a comprehensive food systems approach is necessary to combat risks associated with the increased consumption of highly processed foods, in comparison to healthier whole food options. The complexity of the factors involved in both eating behaviours and the food system itself necessitates a systems approach to attack each level of the food system: from agriculture and production policies, to the consumer’s ability to prepare fresh whole foods.  Based on a literature review, this poster proposes a multi-pronged strategy to create policies to help 1) shift food systems to increase production of available whole food options; 2) promote healthier food environments and increase community and individual ability to access whole foods; and 3) increase consumer demand for healthier products.

Title: Scoping review of infection prevention and control in school settings
Author: Michael DeDominics
Description: Outbreaks of infectious disease are common in schools and pose a threat to the health of staff and students. This project sought to identify best practices for infection prevention and control (IPAC) in school settings so that these vulnerable populations may be better protected. Recommendations for daily IPAC, outbreak IPAC, and outbreak surveillance were made.

Title: Peer leadership and well-being indicators toward reducing chronic disease in Guelph, ON priority populations
Author: Sarah Mahato
Description: The objectives of this study were twofold. First it was to examine the impact of peer leadership on peer leaders and program participants in regards to indicators of well-being that mitigate risk to chronic disease. The second objective was to identify areas of improvement for the HLPL program by formally evaluating processes and impacts of the program on program beneficiaries.

Title: Association between marijuana use and sexual orientation in Toronto secondary school students
Author: Tara Sadeghieh
Description: The purpose of this research was to examine the association between marijuana use and sexual orientation in Toronto secondary school students.