PHAC Practicum: There’s only how many weeks left?!

Even though I am about to enter the final month of my practicum with the Public Health Agency of Canada, my work feels like it is only just getting started! Here at the Centre for Food-borne, Environmental, and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, my data analysis is complete and I have been working away at a draft manuscript, a report on Canadians’ exposures to animals. The data analysis proved to be much more interesting than anticipated, and there were probably many more things that could have been explored if more time was available. However the paper has to be written, and we’ve got to allow enough time for editing, which I didn’t realize can be a huge undertaking as well!

While the paper is being edited, I’ll have plenty of work to do that will keep me busy. Several side projects have been lined up, with both the Surveillance Division, and the Outbreak Management Division. The wide variety of projects is really giving me a feel for the sort of work that occurs at PHAC on a regular basis.

These busy days are made so much easier by the amazing staff here in the office. I must say, we have a truly excellent social committee who works so hard to keep a light and fun atmosphere around the office. We have birthday celebrations, word puzzles in the hallways, and just last week we had a trivia game during lunch (with the best theme ever, 90’s TV and movies!). Coming in to the office and being surrounded by such intelligent, driven, and fun people has really made the practicum an enjoyable experience. I would definitely consider returning to PHAC later in my life should the opportunity arise. But for now, it’s time to finish this draft. Five weeks to go, I’ve got to make every minute count!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!