Vet Med Ed 2.0: A New World of Instructional Technology

Technology can improve many aspects of learning, and will increasingly be integrated into our graduates’ future careers. An investment in our classroom spaces and learning technologies will prepare our students for that future. OVC will continually ask “How can new technologies best support teaching and learning in the College?”

We will develop and adopt state-of-the-art, sustainable facilities that are technologically optimized for learning, research and clinical care. Through updates to facilities, technology and infrastructure, and training faculty on incorporating these new technologies in their pedagogical approaches, OVC will modernize the student learning experience.

Student confidence and ability will be increased, particularly in their psychomotor skills, through use of simulation and virtual reality technologies in clinical and surgical techniques. This tactile, simulation-based learning allows students to focus on repeating and mastering skills in a low-risk environment, with experiential learning outcomes being achieved more quickly and more consistently.

Key Objectives:

  • Support student learning through advanced technology in classrooms and teaching spaces

  • Improve student confidence and competence through use of state-of-the-art teaching technologies, including simulator and virtual reality capabilities