Student Experience

With an international reputation for leadership in veterinary medicine, we recognize that our graduates are entering a global community that has evolved and expanded, creating new scopes of practice and career opportunities. We will ensure our graduates are career-ready, entrepreneurial, and on the leading edge of veterinary science and medicine. 

Over the next five years, OVC will excel in preparing all our graduates for diverse career opportunities by expanding our collaborative educational offerings to allow them to be leaders in the corporate and public sectors, biomedical research, technology and entrepreneurship. Our BSc, DVM and graduate programs will continue to be learner-centered and will evolve to include career-oriented, hands-on curricular and co-curricular learning opporutnities with an emphasis on lifelong learning that facilitates career transitions. 

As part of our Healthy Futures Strategic Plan, OVC will establish a Learning Pathways Office that will provide students with guidance right from their first contact with the college through to becoming OVC alumni. We will continue to regularly assess and evolve our curricula to ensure optimization of career support throughout the student and graduate experience at and beyond OVC, including a mentorship program and curricular and co-curricular skills development opportunities. In addition, we will create a co-curricular transcript that addresses skills, knowledge and attitudes related to career readiness.

Our students will feel supported throughout their learning journey and be ready for the breadth of opportunities presented to them as they graduate.