Power of People

OVC has long recognized that people are our most valuable resource. Our overall success as a college is a direct result of an energized staff who feel professional satisfaction and institutional pride. Our Strategic Plan identifies a supportive, inclusive, healthy workplace culture and improved recruitment of highly skilled specialists as critical to our college now and in the future. We are inspired and guided by the University of Guelph’s strategic renewal framework that touches on aspects of our Power of People initiatives across nearly every one of its strategic themes:

Inspiring Learning and Inquiry – Support the education and well-being of the whole person

Nurturing a Distinctive University Culture – Work together openly, respectfully and inclusively

Catalyzing Discovery and Change – Recruit and retain top innovative talent

Connecting Communities – Provide vibrant campuses that are inclusive and respectful, where everyone is valued

As part of our Power of People critical strategic initiative, OVC will continue building a working environment that is collaborative, respectful, inclusive and engaged. OVC will be a thriving workplace that competes for and retains the very best. We will be a destination employer for this and the next generation, with a strong sense of community and connection.

Working with partners to develop strategies for a healthy, positive and engaging environment, OVC will be a workplace that values integrity, equity, diversity and health; provide a high level of satisfaction among staff, faculty and clinicians; be a model for our students as they enter the workplace; and create a supportive experience for external clients interacting with the OVC community. We will be an employer of choice now and in the future.

Key Objectives:

  • Strengthen organizational health and enhance workplace culture

  • Ensure an environment with a sound value system

  • Attract and retain the very best talent