OVC Impact

OVC will be the source for societally relevant expertise and innovative, evidence-based solutions in veterinary medicine and One Health in Canada and beyond. With so much information available these days, how can facts be effectively gathered and informed decisions be made? Decisions at regional, national and global levels are ideally made through well-informed government policy, and that means organizations like OVC must ensure that the right information is in the hands of those making the decisions at the right time. Individuals similarly need high quality information to make decisions around their own health and the animals in their care.

To create valuable, consistent and current outreach strategies that meet the needs of our stakeholders, OVC will build upon our internal strengths and external relationships. As part of our Strategic Plan, we are committed to establishing new pathways to connect, translate and measure the impact of knowledge created at OVC, allowing us to enhance our reach and raise the profile of our people, programs and leading-edge research.

Through the development and implementation of a variety of knowledge translation, mobilization, exchange, education, communications and outreach strategies, we will increasingly be seen as a critical source for evidence-based information that continually informs the public, decision-making processes, and government policy, while receiving feedback on this effort.

Identifying champions, building bridges and developing community-based systems are the foundation of this action. To this end, OVC will create a hub that supports knowledge sharing activities across our campus, allowing us to improve collaboration, develop a sound understanding of how innovations (created at OVC as a whole) are both used and useful to external partners and build our capacity to collectively share our impact story.

Key Objectives:

  • Strengthen OVC’s internal structure to encourage collaborative, efficient and timely sharing of knowledge creation activities
  • Increase OVC involvement in relevant government and industry discussion and decisions related to veterinary medicine and One Health
  • Increase our presence in media, highlighting OVC’s world-class research, clinical activities and expertise in veterinary medicine and One Health.