One Health Research Leadership

Our world is undeniably interconnected; animal, human and environmental systems are intrinsically linked and issues that affect one area can have lasting, and sometimes devastating impacts, on the health of others.

OVC champions the critical roles that animal health and veterinary medicine play in One Health. The development and impact of the Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses, as well as translational clinical research from the Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation and the Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations, are impressive examples of OVC’s considerable strength in the areas of zoonotic disease prevention and control, and in translational medicine.

As part of the OVC Healthy Futures Strategic Plan, we will be recognized in the scientific community as a leader in One Health approaches to addressing critical local and global health issues. OVC will leverage our existing research strengths, specifically in areas of zoonotic disease, public health, translational discovery, and the human-animal bond, capitalizing on the synergies between these expanding research programs and our student learning pathways. 

Key Objectives:

  • Strengthen partnerships and collaborations on campus and with other research institutions
  • Increase our global presence through publications, communications, symposia and commercialization of One Health research
  • Enhance collaboration, partnerships and networks with health authorities, industry and academia to expand our capacity in One Health research
  • Engage and train more students in One Health fields through expanded programs, courses and financial support
  • Increase recruitment of, and collaborations with, other talented One Health researchers

What is One Health?

As stated by the American Veterinary Medical Association: “veterinary medicine is the only profession that routinely operates at the interface of the three components of One Health.”

One Health is the term applied to the connections among the health of humans, animals and the environment. OVC has taken this approach to much of our research work for many years. Formalizing our leadership in this area is a step towards becoming an internationally-recognized champion for the veterinary science link in One Health research.