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Financial & Accounting Services is one of five administrative units that make up OVC Shared Administrative Services. It is the hub for all financial needs throughout the college, managing and coordinating all financial transactions, including purchasing, billing, reimbursements, and more.

Our Service Areas



Accounts Receivable

Purchasing/Accounts Payable

  • Low Value Purchase Order
  • High Value Purchase Order
  • Supply Managed Contract
  • Cheque Requisition


  • Expense Claim
  • Petty Cash

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Planned Expenditure Reports
  • Payroll Planning

Research Account Fianancial Management

  • Opening/Closing Grants
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Attestation Forms
  • Tri-Agency, Cluster, CFI IOF & OMAFRA expertise

Re-allocation of Expenses (Journal Entry)

Financial Reconciliation


Standard Operating Procedures

Quick Reference Guides