DVM Externship & Phase 4

DVM Phase 4 Information

The phase 4 information site (CourseLink) and schedular (E*Value) can be found at on the DVM Phase 4 Information page.

DVM Program Support – Externship & Phase 4 Rotations

All DVM program support revolving around the Externship program and Phase 4 are handled through this adminsitrative unit.

Final-Year Visiting Veterinary-Student Program

Please see the summary document for information about visiting the OVC as a veterinary student.

Application for Professional Development Time

Professional Development (PD) Days include three PD days that are permitted during the fall & winter semesters (30 weeks) of the Phase-4 program.  These days are to be used for professional development (e.g. to attend a conference or, if necessary, to attend job interviews). To obtain a PD day, the appropriate form can be obtained from: 

  • A download from the Forms page
  • The Chair’s Office (Room 2142), Department of Clinical Studies

The form must be signed by the student, the rotation supervisor for the week during which the PD day will be taken, & the rotation coordinator.  The completed form must be returned to the Chair’s Office at least 1 week prior to the start of the rotation in which the PD day will be taken. No exceptions will be made.

IN SOME ROTATIONS, PD DAYS WILL NOT BE GRANTED.  Those rotations are clearly identified in Handbook B (current version always posted on CourseLink)