Contact SAS

All primary email accounts are listed in the table below.  Click on each team heading to find more information about the members of each team as well as phone extensions and locations.

Printable Contacts List*updated April 2019

Administrative Managment Team
(Footprints ticketing system)


Clinical Program Services
(Footprints ticketing system)


Departmental Services

Financial & Accounting Services

(Footprints ticketing system)
(Footprints ticketing system)


Graduate & Research Program Services


Human Resource Services
(Footprints ticketing system)




Please note that we will slowly be transitioning the SAS teams to the use of the Footprints ticketing system (as in use at OVC ITS and CSS). All eRequest online forms and emails to are connecting to this system. This change will:

  • Eliminate the large number of organizational email accounts currently in use
  • Give clients more information about their requests
  • Allow tracking of response times and work load for improved efficiency
  • and much more