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Our Team

Carol Ann Higgins
Chief Administrative Officer 
Ext. 54784, room 2642


Judy Tack
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 54418, room VMI 106B

Scott Moccia
College Information Officer
Ext. 54056, room 2639

Holly Illman
Administrative Manager
Financial & Accounting Services,
and Operations Biomedical Sciences 
Ext. 54911, room 2627
Sharita Carter
Administrative Manager
Clinical Program Services,
and Operations Clinical Studies 
Ext. 58803, room 2140
Melana Nam
Administrative Manager
Human Resource Services,
and Operations Pathobiology 
Ext. 54703, room 3838
Amanda Draycott
Administrative Manager
Graduate & Research Program Services,
and Operations Population Medicine 
Ext. 54767, room 2509