Student Clubs and Committees

Graduate Student Executive of Population Medicine (GSEPM)

The GSEPM is the student council that represents the academic, social, and professional needs of all graduate students in the Department of Population Medicine. The GSEPM includes the (Co-)President(s), Sr. and Jr. VPs Internal Affiars, and VP Finance, along with a variety of other positions. The GSEPM meets biweekly for approximately one hour to discuss ongoing activities in the department, and plan for new activities. We welcome all students’ input, and hope to see you at one of our meetings or events!

First meeting Monday, Sept 16th - 12-1 pm, location TBD

Co-Presidents: Sydney Pearce and Antonia DeGroot

Sr. VPs Internal Affairs: Russell Forrest and Rebecca Fung

VP Finance: Natasha Janke


GSEPM Social Committee

The Population Medicine Social Committee is responsible for making your time in the PopMed department as fun and social as possible. We plan social events throughout the school year, such as lunchtime socials, trivia nights, and our largest event, the holiday party in December.  We also organize one bake sale per semester to raise money for social events and Community Veterinary Outreach.

The Committee meets bi-weekly and new members are always welcome - it is a lot of fun! Watch the PopMed Facebook group and posters around the department for upcoming events. We hope to see you at our next event!

First meeting Monday, Sept 16th - 12-1 pm, location TBD

President: Carrie McMullen


Journal Clubs

Epidemiology Journal Club

The Epidemiology Journal Club welcomes graduate students to join us as we review key epidemiological concepts and critically examine peer-reviewed scientific literature. This club is also of great help in preparing for Qualifying Examinations and Defenses. We meet three times per month during the winter/ fall semesters. New students are always welcome to join. Just watch for the e-mails with the scientific articles, work through the critical appraisal form, and join us for discussion!

Organizers: Nadine Vogt and Melissa MacKinnon

Fall semester meeting times: First meeting, Wednesday, Sept 18th - 12-1 pm, location TBD


Dairy Journal Club 

The Dairy Journal Club welcomes students to join us as we discuss scientific papers specifically related to dairy cattle. This club meets bi-weekly throughout the year, and new students are always welcome to join.

Organizers: Rita Couto Serrenho

Fall semester meeting times: TBD


Infectious Disease Modeling Club

The Disease Modeling Club is an interdisciplinary group that have an interest in modeling communicable diseases with both human and veterinary applications. We meet biweekly to review essential concepts of mathematical modeling, explained at a beginner's level. We also discuss peer-reviewed literature, current research, and host guest speakers. All students and faculty are welcome and no prior modeling experience is required (beginners are encouraged to join us!). 

Organizers: Wendy (Xiao-Ting) Xie and Kamal Acharya

Fall semester meeting times: TBD


Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use Discussion Group

The AMR/AMU discussion group is an interdisciplinary group for students interested in AMR and AMU related to humans, animals and the environment. We meet monthly to review emerging issues in AMR/AMU, discuss peer-reviewed literature, and host guest speakers. New students are always welcome. No previous knowledge of AMR/AMU is required.  

Organizers: Angie Bosman and Melissa MacKinnon

Fall semester meeting times: First meeting, Wednesday, Oct 2nd - 12-1 pm, location TBD