The Department of Population Medicine is an international leader in promoting the optimal health and productivity of animal populations, ensuring the safety of foods of animal origin, and in understanding and preventing animal-related disease in humans. In this context:

  • Our research mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge regarding the management of health and productivity of animal populations, and the interrelationships of animals with humans and the environment. In support of this mission, we will rely principally on expertise in field-based quantitative observational studies, and clinical trials.
  • Our teaching and learning mission is to assist students in obtaining an essential knowledge base, to develop the necessary communication, quantitative and problem-solving skills to integrate and apply this knowledge, and to instill the appropriate attitudes and abilities required for life-long learning.
  • Our service mission is to maintain a teaching practice, and develop appropriate databases, in order to demonstrate the prevention and resolution of individual animal, herd, and industry-based health and productivity problems, and to serve as a resource for society in our areas of expertise.