Sydney Gosselin

MSc Population Medicine (Epidemiology), BSc Bio-Medical Science

Research Interests

Indoor tanning is a common activity, and a known cause of skin cancer (the most common cancer in Canada) and many other negative health effects. My research focuses on how we can communicate the risks of indoor tanning in a way that informs people, while motivating them to avoid this activity. One way this could be achieved is with warning labels on tanning equipment. In my MSc, I ran focus groups to test the warning label currently required on all tanning equipment in Canada, as well as some warnings with graphic images. My PhD research will continue to investigate how we can make effective warnings to prevent indoor tanning.

I am also interested in indoor tanning policy. My Master’s research included an analysis of the content of provincial and territorial legislation in Canada, and in my PhD research I will look at the impact of these laws across Canada.