Shelby Nielson


Shelby is a PhD candidate in Epidemiology in the Department of Population Medicine at the OVC. Shelby completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Biology, and MSc in Epidemiology at the University of Guelph. Her MSc research with Dr. Deep Khosa focused on incoming veterinary students and their self-reported attitudes and perceptions concerning personal health and nutrition habits, and related health information-seeking behaviours. Shelby is continuing her research as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Deep Khosa, and is currently studying owner perceptions and motivations of treat feeding in cats and dogs. Through research and education, she hopes to promote companion animal care and well-being through appropriate feeding practices while honouring the human-animal bond.


Teaching Assistant:

POPM*3240 - Epidemiology (W22, F22)

POPM* 4130 - Animal Health (F21)

ANSC*3180 - Wildlife Nutrition (W19)