Samantha White


I am currently completing my Masters by Coursework in Animal Behaviour and Welfare through the department of Animal Biosciences, under the supervision of Dr. Lee Niel. I completed my BSc in Zoology at the University of Guelph in April of 2016, after which I took a few years off to work. In September of 2018 I returned to Guelph to complete my Masters with Lee Niel, where I get the opportunity to research puppy behaviour and welfare. My research focuses on how breeders are managing their puppies from birth until adoption and how these early management factors influence their behavioural development. I am particularly interested in the socialization, feeding, and training practices used by different breeders across North America and how these early life experiences impact the puppy later in life.

Research Interests

Animal Behaviour 

Animal Welfare

Puppy Behaviour

Puppy Management

Early Life Experience