Peggy A. Pritchard

BA/BPHE, MLIS, PhD (Epidemiology) Student


Hospice Therapy Dog Leader | Women in STEM Mentor | Award-Winning Educator

Peggy is a PhD student in Population Medicine studying the epidemiological considerations of using visitation animals ("therapy dogs") in end-of-life care settings.  She is a member of the Spence laboratory and is co-advised by Professor Scott Weese (Pathobiology).

Research Interests

Current research 

Therapy Dogs in End-of-Life Care: Preliminary Investigation & Epidemiological Considerations

Peggy's research focuses on the potential for bi-directional pathogen transmission in human-animal interactions in residential hospices, to address the considerable gaps in the existing literature and the dearth of evidence-based policies, guidelines, and best practices for mitigating the disease and welfare risks to animal and human populations.  Through this work she hopes to enhance knowledge in the field, bring this discovery to practitioners, and influence policy makers.

Previous scholarly activity

Since 1995 Peggy has been actively publishing and sharing knowledge with professional and lay audiences in all areas of her braided career (therapy dog service; career advising, counselling and consulting; librarianship). Contributions include: two books, 10 book chapters, and 150 papers, abstracts, and presentations.

Selected Publications

Howell, T.J., Nieforth, L.,…Bennett, P. (2022). Defining commonly used terms for animals working in support roles for vulnerable people.  Animals, 12(15), 175.

Pritchard, P.A. (2018). "Take a Paws" with therapy dogs and make it a howling success. In R.J. Sittler & T.J. Rogerson (Eds.), The library outreach casebook (pp. 119-128). Association of College and Research Libraries.

Thomas, D.F. & Pritchard, P.A. (2016). Student engagement through writing: An undergraduate e-journal project. In Lovitt, C.F., Shuyler, K. & Li, Y. (Eds.), Integrating information literacy into the chemistry curriculum (pp.279-297). American Chemical Society.

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Professional Experience & Honours

Teaching Awards

  • University of Guelph Faculty Association, Academic Librarianship Award, University of Guelph, 2009
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching Award, Queen’s University, 2002

Service Awards

  • 100th Anniversary Volunteer Award, Rotary Club of Guelph-Trillium [for service to Hospice Wellington], 2020
  • Community Service Medal, St John Ambulance Council of Ontario, 2019