Max Carynnyk

MPH, PhD (Public Health) Student


At the Department of Population Medicine I am focused on research supporting skin cancer prevention in elementary and secondary schools in Ontario and Canada. I am currently preoccupied with: (1) considering diversity and equity, based on different levels of risk and resources; (2) synergy between skin cancer prevention and school ground naturalization, eye protection, and other school health objectives; (3) balancing sun safety with the benefits of outdoor activity and limited sun exposure, given that our understanding of the multiple effects of solar radiation is still evolving; and (4) coordinating school-based approaches with skin cancer prevention for other settings, since schools on their own may have a limited capacity.

Overall my work focuses on child and family public health, especially school health promotion. Mental health and wellbeing is a particularly high priority, and to that end I have worked on provincial projects for school-based mental health promotion. For over 10 years I have worked in different roles in a variety of settings for infants, children, youth, and families, including schools in the Toronto District School Board, non-profit school-based programs like Roots of Empathy, an inpatient mental health unit, and various community programs. I am a member of Physical and Health Education Canada and its Research Council, and have been involved with other organizations in these areas.