Max Carynnyk

MPH, PhD (Public Health) Student


At the Department of Population Medicine I am focused on research supporting skin cancer prevention in elementary and secondary schools in Ontario and Canada. I am currently considering: (1) diversity and equity, based on different levels of risk and resources; (2) synergy between skin cancer prevention and other health and education objectives; (3) balancing sun safety with potential benefits of outdoor activity and limited sun exposure, given that our understanding of different effects of solar radiation is still evolving; and (4) coordination of school-based approaches with skin cancer prevention for other settings, as schools on their own may have limited capacity in this area.

Overall my work focuses on child and family public health, especially school health promotion. Mental health and wellbeing is a particularly high priority, and to that end I have worked on provincial projects for school-based mental health promotion. For over 10 years I have worked in different roles in a variety of settings for infants, children, youth, and families, including schools in the Toronto District School Board, non-profit school-based programs like Roots of Empathy, an inpatient mental health unit, and various community programs. I am a member of Physical and Health Education Canada and its Research Council, and have been involved with other organizations in these areas.